Sunday, July 23, 2006

it's Sunday

What a week - Recorded 2 POWDER RIVER episodes on Monday, then went to Rex Trailers BOOMTOWN 50th Anniversary show at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Somerville (You have GOT to check out his amazing theater, and Jimmy is the BEST), AND - I had to write three new POWDER RIVER episodes that tape tomorrow night.

I know that BOOMTOWN started my love of westerns.

Seeing Rex and Sgt. Billy onstage - WOW. that's all I can say. Time stood still. I was 10 again.

All of you who didn't live in Boston in the 60's and 70's - boy, did you miss out.

And you need to check out Michael Bavaro's amazing film on BOOMTOWN (the link is on our site at ). Even if you didn't live here during those years, you will still be amazed. Thanks, Mike - and Jimmy, and Sgt. Billy, and Sam, and of course, Rex!

Adios for tonight, pardner,