Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Two very long days - and we have SOMETHING WICKED in the can! Well, the vocals anyway. We'll be in post for about 3 months. Today - working on the new Bradbury script! Ray gave me permission to adapt this book into a radio play, so I am hoping to have it finished later this week so I can send it off to him for his comments.

Why do I still call them "Radio Plays." Some people call them Audio Drama, Audio Theatre (which to me sounds like a home entertainment set-up, which is what you get when you google the phrase) some call it Audio Cinema. They're all good. I just prefer to stay with Radio Play. It has equity in the name - and everyone knows instantly what you mean. When I have used the term "Audio Theater," or "Audio Drama," the response is usually "Huh? What's that?" then I tell them, and then I hear back "Oh, like an old time radio play!"

Radio Play. As soon as you say the word, everyone instantly knows you mean. To some, they may think of a mono, scratchy recording. However, when one says "Movies," one doesnt think of square screen black and white flickers from the Golden Age. They think modern film. If someone hears one of our shows, they won't think it was recorded 60 years ago (at least I hope not). Maybe if everyone called them radio plays people would be thinking of them in terms of modern programs, as we do now with movies.
Then you get into the debate of podcasting and such; "an i-pod is not a radio, so why do you still use the term radio play" I have been asked. I reply with "a television set is not a motion picture theatre, and a DVD or VHS is not a 35mm reel of film, yet we still call them movies." Personally, I dont care what they are called. I'll stick with Radio Play or Radio Theatre though. It has a very rich history, and I love history; it's something to build on.