Saturday, January 27, 2007

Recording begins Monday night on FATHER BROWN. We did an episode a few months ago, and now we're set to record seven episodes, thru Feb.12th. This is a milestone show in CRT land. It will be the first program (s) with a music score by someone other than Jeff Gage. Kevin McLeod has scored the tracks for this series, and Matt McLaren is producing. Matt did a great job posting the PHIL BYRNES mini-series, and he did a great job editing FATHER BROWN #1.

Also, we will be having many new voices, as I can't seem to round up enough CRT players to take part (which was the case with POWDER RIVER Season 4 as well). So - to get around this, for the first time, I am casting voices from around the world via a voice casting forum.

Not sure what's going to happen with POWDER RIVER on the W0KIE Network. With Dean's passing, his Thursday Night show will most likely be replaced by a new program, and I doubt we will be on air for PR - Season 4. All of you who listened in on Thursday nights - keep an eye out for the Download release of the episodes this March. Won't be the same with Dean introducing them.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Carnegie Stone

Back in September, after a PHIL BYRNES recording session, Hugh Metzler, Diane Capen, JT Turner, James Turner and myself, recorded a script for the DARKER PROJECTS people - called THE CARNEGIE STONE. It turned out pretty cool! Here is the link where you can download it for free