Monday, April 09, 2018

SHERIFF DAWES ON THE BIG SCREEN! Joseph Zamparelli appears as "Officer Huck Look" in the new motion picture CHAPPAQUIDDICK, now in theaters everywhere. CRT listeners know Joseph from his 11 years on POWDER RIVER as Sheriff Dawes, and in TICONDEROGA as Capt. Campbell.

Sheriff Dawes gives up his horse for a squad car! Here is Joseph Zamparelli as Officer Huck Look filming CHAPPAQUIDDICK. The movie is now playing nationwide.




“ Fantastic series ”
Extremely well produced and performed series and this one gets back to its roots. Marvellous. (Tom in Australia)
“ Awesome."
Listened to it three times already and can't wait for volume 2. Powder River is awesome as is Ticonderoga (Pat)
“ just keeps getting better! cant wait for volume 2 ”
I've been hooked on this story since the xm days and love how the characters and community have grown, best series ever! (Jason)
“ This is another example of and AMAZING production! ”
I have loved this production from the time I first heard Powder River in 2004. when I listen to the shows I actually become a character in the back ground watching it like a TV show. Its really hard to explain the connection I have with the show. I also feel privileged that in 2009 I was able to meet with Jerry Robbins and Joseph Zamparelli, and ate dinner and drinks with them and have a tour of downtown Boston. I hope one day to get to meet more of the cast! keep up the AMAZING job CRT!
“ One of the best!!! ”
This Powder River was one of the best! My family has waited months for its release and we were NOT disappointed!!! (Sonya)
“ Outstanding! ”
Well worth the wait! Thanks Uncle Jerry! KEEP THE POWDER RIVER SEASONS GOING! Thank you (Robert)
Have been waiting for awhile for the new season to come out and I can honestly say it was worth the wait! Can’t wait till the second volume comes out! Very family friendly show! My three year old daughter loves listening to power river too (Anonymous User).