Saturday, October 13, 2012


On Sunday night, Dec. 30th, on Sirius XM Ch. 80, we will premiere BEACON HILL - a mini-series of eight, one hour episodes. Here is a little trailer we made, featuring the "Theme from Beacon Hill," by Austin Davy. We have a great cast assembled for this show, which is set in Boston in 1898. M.J. Cogburn is producing.
CD and DL release will be in the spring.

Friday, October 12, 2012

On Nov.5th we will be releasing our first feature length holiday musical, THE STAR ANGEL.

Young Sean and his sister Samantha, caught in the magical sparkles from a broken snow globe, are shrunk down to ornament-size on Christmas Eve.  With the help of the ornaments on the tree, they must journey to the top where the Star Angel can restore them to their normal size, and help Sean rediscover the joy of the season in light of the recent death of their father.With 15 new songs by Jeffrey Gage, THE STAR ANGEL features Shana Dirik, J.T. Turner, Mark Thurner, Kerry Donovan and Andrew Monroe.

Here is a little video we did to showcase the overture, which highlights some of the new songs (excuse the poor video - we make radio plays, not movies!) 
Our new release for October!





Thursday, October 11, 2012


One of my favorite productions we did with the great Ray Bradbury was the radio dramatization of his book, THE HALLOWEEN TREE.  We recorded it in December of 2006, but it was not released until 2008. I never really understood the Publishers Weekly review that our sound effects consisted mostly of "wind," when we used literally thousands of effects (did they listen to the kite scene?) - but oh well.  Some critics complained of the songs in the show - but when dramatize a book - we dramatize the book, and all the songs in our production are in the book (with the Lyrics by Ray Bradbury, and the music by Jeff Gage).

If you haven't heard it - you can check it out on Amazon THE HALLOWEEN TREE

or AUDIBLE     or even iTunes

Here is the review from BRADBURY MEDIA  in the audio CD section