Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is the last day to download our production of BARRYMORE, By William Luce. At midnight, it goes away until April 1st. I wish it didn't take so long to get something released. We had to sit on THE HALLOWEEN TREE for eight months, and now it's 5 months until BARRYMORE comes out. Frustrating. Oh, if I owned the world - booowaaaa ha ha!

I am reading Christopher Plummers brand new autobiography, "In Spite of Myself," and it's incredible. Aside from being one of our greatest actors, he is also a master storyteller, and his command of the language is staggering. I am loving every page (and it may replace Errol Flynn's "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" as my favorite Hollywood autobiography). There is a great chapter on the original Broadway BARRYMORE, in which Mr. Plummer starred. All I can say is - Bill - I gotta go to the Old Sea Hag!!!

AND IF THAT WASN'T EXCITING ENOUGH - we have replaced ALL our old microphones, which gave me 18 years of great service. We are now recording on 4 Studio Professional B1 Condenser Microphones. Love it!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Just read a review from Publishers Weekly on our production of THE HALLOWEEN TREE. Now, have any of you reading this blog heard the show yet? For those who have, can you make sense of this line posted in the review ...
While there are sound effects, they are mostly limited to ambient vocals in the background and wind, never utilizing the more calm-fracturing accoutrements like slamming doors or dishes breaking.

Now, I don't think this critic listened to the show - for if they did, they would realize that this program is stuffed full of sound effects - the building of the kite scene alone has hundreds of effects, many created just for this sequence, which took an entire week to edit ... the building of Notre Dame, the scenes in Mexico ... I mean, HUH?? Never utilizing calm fracturing accoutrements like SLAMMING DOORS (um, did you hear the scenes in Moundshrouds house?? You wanna talk slamming doors??) and breaking dishes ... well, sorry, the script didn't call for any domestic dishes being smashed, but I thought the Samhain scene with Roman Soldiers and thousands of tiny animal ghosts taking flight would be a good fill-in for a dish or two. I mean, did you listen to the show?? Really??


We've just created two new sites for CRT fans! First, for the Powder River posse, we have a brand new Yahoo Group site all about the show. You can join it here:

Next, we have the COLONIAL RADIO TALK forum. Here you can discuss our productions (Father Brown, Powder River, Jerry and the Pirates,) and even create your own topics.

Hope to see you there!


Today was our first recording session for our new, 24 episode, French and Indian War Epic, Ticonderoga! And what a great session it was! Our new co-star, Paolo Settipane (pictured, left) did an OUTSTANDING job! In just three episodes we saw his character develope and he took to the mics like an old pro. A very natural actor, and one who has "it." Also in the picture is first time CRT player Evan Tanner, who you will certainly be hearing a lot from in our shows. Recently moved up from the south (I think Arkansas??), he's a great actor who I saw on stage last spring in True West, directed by Nancy Curran Willis (who directed our three Bradbury productions). Also in tonights episodes were J.T. Turner, Joseph Zamparelli Jr., Tom Berry, and Jud Pierce.
So a big WELCOME to Paolo and Evan, and HERE'S TO our new production, Ticonderoga!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Saturday is the last day you can check out a sneak peek at our production of BARRYMORE, by William Luce. It will be released this coming April by Blackstone Audio, but you can hear it HERE, FIRST on Lulu.Com! So far, the feedback has been incredible, and we're hoping for a hit this spring!

Sunday, November 09, 2008


OK, lets see .... do you ever find that there is so much to be done, that you feel like nothing is being done? I am writing the scripts for our new series, Ticonderoga, which starts recording tomorrow night. I am so excited about this show, and I wish I could write it faster than I am. Over the summer I wrote 24 half hour scripts for Jerry And The Pirates, and I was just thinking today that I should add up all the scripts I've written over the past 18 years - then again, maybe I shouldn't. Anyway, when I am closing in on the end of Ticonderoga, I'll start writing Season 5 of Powder River, which will be 15 episodes.

On the 17th we hold auditions for Zorro And The Pirate Raiders. Chris Snyder will be directing and producing this production, and the music has been assigned to Jeffrey Gage.

Buck Alice and the Actor Robot, turned out to be a much more complex project than we thought, but we are making progress! I am planning on some re-takes in the newxt few weeks, and the show is now in line assembly (picking out the best takes to assemble in a rough edit, with just the dialog, no effects yet.) This is going to be a good one, folks!

Our first Perry Mason production, The Case of the Sulky Girl is getting the final touches applied, and we should have it out on Lulu soon, followed by a CD release.

Our production of the William Luce play Barrymore, has been out in limited release since Nov. 1st, and the feedback has been better than we had hoped for! Everyone seems to love the production, and that's very exciting! I was hoping the show would make the transition from stage to audio with no problems, and Mr. Luce seems to have pulled it off with his incredible script! It's on Lulu.Com for another week, the 15th, and then we pull it out of release, and Blackstone Audio will release it on CD and Download in April.

I want to do this play on stage again. Mr. Luce has even mentioned he would like to add some of the new material into the stage version; so we're looking for a theater to try it out in.

We have two editors who are working on assembling the remaining episodes of Jerry And The Pirates, MJ Cogburn and Adam Seth Sher. I think we have 9 to go, and then MJ will be back on Moonfleet, and Adam will work on Ticonderoga.

I am thinking on returning to the editing deck. The last show I edited was Dandelion Wine, and that was over two years ago!

On the personal side, which I rarely talk about, I'm sorry to say that I lost my favorite Aunt last month, Dorothy Brown. What a classy lady she was. My Moms older sister. I last saw her on my birthday, Aug. 17, and she fell later that night, and never really recovered from that. Do you know I still have birthday cards she sent me when I was 1,2 and 3 years old??? They were these big, huge, gaudy beautiful cards that, in todays world, would cost around ten bucks! I even have a Halloween card she sent me in 1963 - a huge card in the shape of a black cat, covered in velvet, with two green rubies for eyes (fake, of course). My mom saved them through the years, and yes, I still have them.
Then, her daughter, Gerry, ended up in the hospital last week with some kine of infection, and HER son, my cousin Steven had a stroke! Steve is a few years younger than I am, and this is quite a shock. I took his daughter, Jessica, to NYC last year to see Mary Poppins on Broadway (with my fav kid, Samantha). I am wishing him the best, and a full recovery, and hope to get up to Hancock NH to visit him.

Back to writing. Cheers.