Thursday, March 22, 2007

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting a post. As you can guess, things are hectic, busy and ... more busy. Trying to make deadlines, re-edit old programs for broadcast, writing, post production on SOMETHING WICKED, a show in development for television, and getting ready to do a few BARRYMORE performances starting April 1st. A family illness is the most important thing I am dealing with right now, so that takes precedent over all.

The new POWDER RIVER episodes are airing, and the chat in the CRT fan site looks positive! We release Season 1 on CD April 1st, so I am hoping we find new listeners and that the show will make money, and that way I will continue with the series. It's the most popular show we have, but its tough to produce it for download only when we have massive productions like CAPTAIN BLOOD and SOMETHING WICKED we are doing at the same time. Anyway, I hope all that will change when we release it on CD.

Happy Birthday, Samantha!! I can't believe you are 10!!!

Thats all for now - I'm not in a very chatty mood, and I need to get back to work here anyway. Anyone in the Boston area on April 1st, I hope you come see me at the play! Mark Cafazzo is doing the show with me that day (he was in Captain Blood, and 2 Powder River episodes playing the bad guy who bought the saloon) and Joe Z is directing. Stop by and say Howdy! I'll post info here later.