Saturday, December 13, 2008


Our 2008 Christmas Special is now on Spoken Network, for a limited time (the show will be pulled from release after the holidays)
Here is the

Friday, December 12, 2008

New Episodes for Download

We've released two new episodes of JERRY AND THE PIRATES at LULU.COM - Episode 13: CRANKERS BIG DATE, and Episode 14: CHRISTMAS SHOPPING.
And dont forget to check out our 1 hour Christmas Special - THE COLONIAL RADIO THEATRE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - also on Lulu.

All these titles will also be up on Spoken Network in the next few days (we upload them to the site, but it can take a few days before Spoken Net releases them - it's out of our hands).

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and other items of interest

I always love it when I get to visit NYC. I caught the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (and I might add that the word Spectacular is a gross understatement), and also saw Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe in EQUUS. Now, I have only seen one Harry Potter movie (the first one), so I did not know what to expect; but watching this 19 year old on stage was something to see. I don't toss off compliments lightly (hardly ever, actually), but in watching him in this show must have been the same for audiences watching the young Marlon Brando in STREETCAR so many years ago. This kid is a magnificent actor - and it's is without question the finest dramatic performance I've ever seen on a Broadway stage. I'm headed back on Dec. 27th with J.T. to catch Liza Minnelli at the Palace Theatre, and since Jeff Gage will be in town, we'll do dinner at Sardi's - one of my favorite spots in town (or maybe Roxy's, which J.T. has turned me on to!).

We have recorded another PERRY MASON episode last week. We should have the first one out very soon, and our third session of TICONDEROGA is this coming Monday - and I have 2 scripts to write for it (biz as usual).

Still debating over a second season of JERRY AND THE PIRATES, and POWDER RIVER SEASON 5 starts in February.

more later.

Monday, December 08, 2008

CRT buzz

A friend of mine told me about a podcast that was debating the quality of a CRT show vs. another company. Interesting, even though the hosts of this podcast didn't quite have all the correct information. They mentioned that we always record with the actors in the same room, which will deliver better performances.

Not true.

Although I prefer to record that way, it is not always the case. In many of our shows (especially the Father Brown series), we have actors from all over the world record their lines and send them to us. In fact, there is one Father Brown episode where J.T. and I were the only people recording in studio (out of a cast of nine)

They went on to say that this other company does it for the love of radio drama, which would indicate we do it for money. While money is a good thing, that is not an entirely true observation;

I've been producing radio plays for 20 years (starting with a version of A Christmas Carol in 1988, on 4 track tape). I did close to 200 shows for nothing but love. When we decided to produce the shows for sale, in 1995 - it was still for the love of it.
If you don't love what you do in this business, you're in the wrong business; and the shows will sound that way.
They were discussing our new production of THE HALLOWEEN TREE, and it's funny they picked that as an example, because the narrator, and my role as well, Moundshroud, were recorded at differnt sessions over the course of a year and a half; so even with that show, we were not reading all the lines off each other.

Just wanted to clear that up.

Our holiday special, THE COLONIAL RADIO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL is doing well in downloads, and will be airing on a station in Colorada as well - I'll post the info for those of you in Colorado who may like to check it out.
THe special will also be airing on Sirius/XM, but I don't know any dates yet.

Busy week ahead, writing three episodes of TICONDEROGA for next Monday, Recording PERRY MASON tonight, and I'll be in NYC on Wed. and Thurs. Cheers for now.