Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy Day!

Today I got to do three interviews for three different pod cast shows. Each lasted about an hour and it's always so good to know people are enjoying the work we do. Two of them dealt mostly with POWDER RIVER. The first was with Russel Hale, and you can hear the show next Monday, April 21st RIGHT HERE

The second show may air this Thursday night on the Skyscanner Satellite Radio. Hosted by Janet Ross (who presents PR every Thursday night at 11pm), it was a good conversation and, again, a lot of fun. HERE IS THE LINK. Just click on any of the audio listening choices on that page and you can hear the show.

The third was with Jack Ward at Sonic Society. Actually, he wanted to interview Dibble, which was fine by me. I just stayed around to make sure Dibble behaved himself. This will be out on the CRT Podcast next week.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Tonight we finished recording MOONFLEET, which we started back on March 19th! This is a fantastic adventure story, and we have some really awesome performances in the can. Watch for 12 year old Rob Cattell in a fantastic star turn as John Trenchard, and his "older self," who narrates, played by David Ault. Music is now being scored by Jeff Gage, and it is slated to go into editing sometime in May. We are hoping for a July or August broadcast, followed by a CD release.