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J.T. Turner stars as Sir Simon DeCanterville in C-R-T's production of THE CANTERVILLE GHOST - by Oscar Wilde. Produced by Bryan Rothrock, from a script by Gareth Tilley, the production also stars Jerry Robbins, Diane Capen, Colin Budzyna, James Turner, Sevan Dulgarian, Gabriel Clark, Cynthia Pape, John Pease, and the late Hugh Metzler, to whom the production is dedicated. It will be released on May 1st, 2013.



CASTING NEWS: LINCOLN CLARK ("Doc" in Powder River) will star as Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, in our upcoming series, THE THINKING MACHINE. The first episode, "The Problem Of Dressing Room A" will record in February with a script by M.J. Elliott based on the story by Jacques Futrelle.   More casting updates on this series soon!

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As we wind down our 17th season at C-R-T, we can look back at a productive 12 months. Here is our year in review

16: Recording Session POWDER RIVER SEASON 6: Conversations/ Doc's Peril/The Fond Farewell.
25: Recording Session - pick ups

Toby Tyler- or Ten Weeks With A Circus

4: Recording Session for DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
21: Recording Session - pick ups
27: Recording Session - Snowman 1 THE STAR ANGEL
28: Recording Session - JEEVES AND WOOSTER:Leave It To Jeeves/FATHER BROWN: The Hammer Of God

The Rivals
Powder River Season 2
Jarrem Lee Ghost Hunter Vol. 1

13: Photo shoot for TICONDEROGA cover art.
15: Recording session with Steve DeMonico for THE STAR ANGEL dialog
19: Photo shoot for TICONDEROGA cover art
20: Photo shoot for EMERALD CITY OF OZ
      Recording session with Mark Thurner ('66) for THE STAR ANGEL dialog
31: Recording session for LOGAN'S RUN - AFTERMATH

Vincent Price Presents - Vol. 3
The Red Badge of Courage
The Alamo
Wrath of the Titans

5: Recording session with Sam Donato as Old St. Nick dialog / song: Christmas Sparkles, for THE STAR     ANGEL
7: Recording session with Isaac Bean for POWDER RIVER Eps. 12-14.
9: Recording session with Shana Dirik for "Lighthouse" dialog in THE STAR ANGEL
    Recording session with Shana Dirik and Kristen Dattoli for POWDER RIVER
10: Recording session with Joe Caliendo Jr. for LOGAN'S RUN AFTERMATH
16: Recording session for kids in LOGAN'S RUN - AFTERMATH
17: Music recording session with Kerry Donovan THE STAR ANGEL "How Is This Possible" and "Take It Away"
      Recording session with Kerry Donovan  for "Samantha" dialog THE STAR ANGEL
      Recording session with Tom Berry for THE STAR ANGEL dialog.
18: Recording session with Andrew Monroe for THE STAR ANGEL. "Sean's" dialog
19: Music recording session with Shana Dirik:  Just As You Remember/ Rootin' Tootin' Christmas
20: Music recording session with Andrew Monroe THE STAR ANGEL
21: Music recording session with Deniz Cordell for"Christmas Sparkles" THE STAR ANGEL
      Recording session with Deniz Cordell for "Elf" dialog THE STAR ANGEL
26: Music recording session with Tom Berry "How Is This Possible" THE STAR ANGEL
30: Music recording session for chorus THE STAR ANGEL

Shakespeare's Ghost
Powder River Season 3
The Father Brown Mysteries Vol 4

7: Recording session with Cynthia Pape, dialog for "Mother" THE STAR ANGEL
15: Music recording session with Shana Dirk: Bon Chance/ Take It Away
21: Recording session with John Pease, dialog for "Snowman 1" THE STAR ANGEL
      Music recording session with John Pease: Snowman Spectacular
22: Recording session Episode 1 of BEACON HILL
23: Music recording session with J.T. Turner "Head Snowman" Snowman Spectacular
29: Recording session JEEVES AND WOOSTER: The Aunt And The Sluggard

Tom Corbett - Space Cadet
The Adventures of Old Ironsides

1: Music recording session with Mark Thurner
2: Photo shoot for THE STAR ANGEL cover art
3: Recording session JEEVES AND WOOSTER: Extricating Young Gussie
    Recording session: special Ray Bradbury tribute for Sirius XM
    Photo shoot for The Father Brown Mysteries
12: Recording Session for Episode 2 BEACON HILL
14: Music recording session - chorus for THE STAR ANGEL
19: Music recording session - chorus for THE STAR ANGEL
20: Recording session with Isaac Bean for BEACON HILL ep 2
      Photo shoot with Isaac Bean for POWDER RIVER Season 5
26: Recording session POWDER RIVER Season 7 Eps 1-4
27: Music recording session - chorus for THE STAR ANGEL
28: Music recording session for THE STAR ANGEL

Return To Treasure Island
Powder River Season 4
Little Big Horn

2: Recording session FATHER BROWN - The Wrong Shape
    Recording session JEEVES AND WOOSTER - Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg
3: Recording session Episode 3 BEACON HILL
9: Recording session THE CANTERVILLE GHOST
10: Music recording session THE STAR ANGEL
16: Recording session POWDER RIVER Season 7 Eps.5,6
17: Recording session Episode 4 BEACON HILL
                                  Episode 5 BEACON HILL
24: Recording session BEACON HILL Ep. 3 pick ups
      Recording session with Ronni Marshak Star Angel dialog THE STAR ANGEL

Jarrem Lee Vol. 2
Allan Quatermain and the Lord of Locusts

7: Recording session Episode 7 BEACON HILL.
9: Music recording - Chorus THE STAR ANGEL
10: Music recording with Mark Thurner "Look At Him Go"
      Music recording with Jerry Robbins "Safe In Your memory"
14: Recording session Episode 8 BEACON HILL
14 - CRT Player Hugh Metzler passes away.
20: Recording session for POWDER RIVER Eps 7,8,9
21: Recording session Episode 8 BEACON HILL
22: Music recording session - chorus THE STAR ANGEL
27: Recording session POWDER RIVER Episodes 11,12

Logan's Run - Aftermath
Vincent Price Presents Vol. 3

1: THE STAR ANGEL - sneak preview
19: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Becky Klien
20: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Colin Budzyna
20: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Isaac bean
      Photo shoot for POWDER RIVER - Isaac bean
21: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - James Tallach
23: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Nolan Murphy, Rachel Padell, Natalie Vatcher, Barbara Demsey     West
24: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Shana Dirik
24: Recording session for POWDER RIVER Episode 10
26: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Cynthia Pape
27: Photo shoot for BEACON HILL - Jerry Robbins

Jarrem Lee Ghost Hunter Vol. 3
The Blockade Runners

3: Recording session THE ALL NEW DIBBLE SHOW "Westbrook Wants to Get Fired/Dibble Salute's Jaws/ South Sea Dibble
4: Recording session: FATHER BROWN - Curse Of the Golden Cross
15: Recording session POWDER RIVER Episodes 13,14,15

Vincent Price Vol. 5
Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

1: Recording session THE BLACK ARROW
4: Premiere of THE STAR ANGEL at the QP Playhouse. Benefit for Dana Farber Childrens Hospital.
14: Recording session: Additional scenes for BEACON HILL Ep. 3

The Star Angel
A Charles Dickens Christmas Collection

18: Recording session for FATHER BROWN - The Mirror of the Magistrate / The Vampire of the Village
27:  Recording session for TOM CORBETT - DANGER IN DEEP SPACE

Powder River Season 5
The Emerald City of Oz 

Looking forward to our 18th year in 2013! Thanks to all our fans for listening!

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Haven't heard our new Holiday Musical THE STAR ANGEL yet? Here is a little teaser. The show is available on Amazon, iTunes, Audible, everywhere.

Friday, December 14, 2012


There's something magical about listening to a radio play with your tree all lit up in a darkened room and the sparkles from the ornaments glistening.  TV cannot capture that kind of magic, when your imagination takes over. Kids become enthralled, and adults remember a simpler time when the most important thing on your mind was, "is Santa going to bring me the most important thing on my list?"

Here are the links to our Christmas programs on Amazon (you can also find them on Audible and iTunes as downloads, or at Barnes and Nobel).




CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS COLLECTION (includes all four of our Dickens productions)


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tonight is the 8th annual broadcast of A CHRISTMAS CAROL on Sirius XM, Ch. 80, 7pm ET, 4pm PT. We recorded this show in November of 2004, I think it was Thanksgiving week, and it was on Audible in early December; just a couple of weeks turn around (of course I edited day and night). Brilliance released it on CD in 2010, and it still does good  business.  The Broadcast will be followed by our 2008 Christmas Special.

THE STAR ANGEL will have an encore broadcast Thur. Dec. 20th at 7pm.

THE SEVEN POOR TRAVELLERS. THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH and THE CHIMES are all available on CD and DL from Brilliance. You can find them all on our website at

Also, please join us on Facebook!

While not a Christmas program, our final new production of 2012 will premiere on Sirius XM Sun. Dec. 30th on Ch. 80. BEACON HILL is set in 1898 Boston, and anyone who likes Upstairs/Downstairs and the popular Downton Abbey may enjoy this radio version of the troubles of the very rich and their staffs. We had a lot of fun with this, and many new actors are introduced to CRT listeners in the 8, one hour episodes.
We will begin recording an additional 8 episodes in the late Spring.

We have two final recording sessions left for this year; THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES will record two episodes, and we will also be recording the feature length TOM CORBETT - DANGER IN DEEP SPACE, a sequel to this years hit TOM CORBETT - SPACE CADET.

Speaking of Father Brown, after 16 episodes the series is getting a bit of a make-over. Jeffrey Gage has composed a brand new score that will replace the music we have used in the previous episodes.

That's all for now!  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and the very best of the Holiday Season to you.

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Monday, November 19, 2012


Brilliance audio has re-packaged three of our Charles Dickens holiday productions and put them in a nice box set called A CHARLES DICKENS CHRISTMAS. The set includes our productions of THE CHIMES, THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH, and A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Sirius XM Radio will present the 8th annual broadcast of our award winning production, THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW on Halloween night, Wed. Oct. 31st at 8PM Eastern Ch. 80.


Sunday, October 28, 2012


In the NO MAN LIKE A SNOW MAN ON THE GREAT WHITE WAY department, the Original Cast Recording of our new musical, THE STAR ANGEL, just went live on Amazon! Check it out! The production will be released everywhere on Nov. 5th.

THE STAR ANGEL Original Cast Recording

Saturday, October 27, 2012


This week we'll be recording THE BLACK ARROW by Robert Louis Stevenson. Very excited about this one, as it has always been a favorite story of mine. It will complete our adaptations of RLS stories that started with TREASURE ISLAND, and continued on with KIDNAPPED and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.  Newcomers Colin Budzyna and Natalie Vatcher head up a cast of CRT veterans that include J.T. Turner, Joe Caliendo Jr., and Tom Berry. An exciting tale set during the War of the Roses, look for this one to be released late in 2013.

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW will have it's 8th annual broadcast on Sirius XM Halloween day. Not sure of the time yet. Have you heard this one yet? Jeff wrote an amazing music score, one of my favorites I might add, and I can't think of a better Ichabod Crane than Lincoln Clark.  Some people have commented that the show isn't violent enough, or scary enough ... unfortunately, Tim Burton took a great story and turned it into his own vision (basically just using the title and tossing everything else away), to the point where many of today's listeners think that is how the story goes.   SLEEPY HOLLOW, as written by Washington Irving, instead paints a vivid picture of Autumn in New England and the atmosphere of a town built on legend. Is the Headless Horseman real - or just part of that legend that makes everything a little more magical when the leaves turn to red, orange, purple?  We did the book as written by Irving, not the movie bastardized by Burton .... which is why some younger listeners write to me telling me how I screwed the story up!  No kidding!

POWDER RIVER SEASON 7 is now in the can and awaiting editing, and we have agreed to record an 8th season, which, when completed, will bring our episode count to 120!

Next week we have the premiere at the QP Playhouse for THE STAR ANGEL, and all proceeds we raise will be for the Dana Farber Childrens Cancer Center. The money won't be used for research, but for presents and things to brighten up the ward.  I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post of the event.

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST continues in post production with CRT Producer Bryan Rothrock. It's sounding great so far!  This production is significant to everyone here at CRT as it is the final leading performance by our friend Hugh Metzler, who passed away August 14h. In the role of Lord Canterville, Hugh turned in another gem of a performance with that one of a kind style of his. We will be dedicating this production in his memory when it is released in May of 2013.

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Monday, October 22, 2012


Just released on iTunes is the Original Cast Recording of our new musical, THE STAR ANGEL. Twelve brand new songs by C-R-T composer Jeffrey Gage are included on this album, and they are sure to get you humming along and singing out loud once you learn the words (especially the show stopping SNOWMAN SPECTACULAR!).

THE STAR ANGEL - A Musical For Christmas. Original Cast Recording.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


On Sunday night, Dec. 30th, on Sirius XM Ch. 80, we will premiere BEACON HILL - a mini-series of eight, one hour episodes. Here is a little trailer we made, featuring the "Theme from Beacon Hill," by Austin Davy. We have a great cast assembled for this show, which is set in Boston in 1898. M.J. Cogburn is producing.
CD and DL release will be in the spring.

Friday, October 12, 2012

On Nov.5th we will be releasing our first feature length holiday musical, THE STAR ANGEL.

Young Sean and his sister Samantha, caught in the magical sparkles from a broken snow globe, are shrunk down to ornament-size on Christmas Eve.  With the help of the ornaments on the tree, they must journey to the top where the Star Angel can restore them to their normal size, and help Sean rediscover the joy of the season in light of the recent death of their father.With 15 new songs by Jeffrey Gage, THE STAR ANGEL features Shana Dirik, J.T. Turner, Mark Thurner, Kerry Donovan and Andrew Monroe.

Here is a little video we did to showcase the overture, which highlights some of the new songs (excuse the poor video - we make radio plays, not movies!) 
Our new release for October!





Thursday, October 11, 2012


One of my favorite productions we did with the great Ray Bradbury was the radio dramatization of his book, THE HALLOWEEN TREE.  We recorded it in December of 2006, but it was not released until 2008. I never really understood the Publishers Weekly review that our sound effects consisted mostly of "wind," when we used literally thousands of effects (did they listen to the kite scene?) - but oh well.  Some critics complained of the songs in the show - but when dramatize a book - we dramatize the book, and all the songs in our production are in the book (with the Lyrics by Ray Bradbury, and the music by Jeff Gage).

If you haven't heard it - you can check it out on Amazon THE HALLOWEEN TREE

or AUDIBLE     or even iTunes

Here is the review from BRADBURY MEDIA  in the audio CD section

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Thursday, September 27, 2012


GABRIEL CLARK joins the cast of POWDER RIVER as "Levi Curtis" for the 6th season which premiere's on Sirius XM Radio, Ch. 30, on OCT. 5th.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SHANA DIRIK stars as Jocelyn Prescott in C-R-T's new hour long series BEACON HILL, which will premiere SUN. DEC. 30th, on Sirius XM, Ch. 80.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


We have produced A LOT of spooky programs over the years, and with Halloween coming up next month, you might want to check out some of our productions that might put a chill up your spine! Note: these links are for CD's on Amazon. All shows are also available for download on Audible.Com and iTunes.

THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW  Ichabod Crane, a lanky, lean, superstitious school master, arrives to teach the children of Sleepy Hollow. As he vies for the attention of the lovely Katrina Van Tassel, his rival for her attention is the town rowdy, Brom Bones. Brom tries to scare Ichabod away with local superstitions and ghost tales. Soon enough the ill-fated schoolmaster encounters a terrifying legend come to life —The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Meticulously adapted to stay true to the mood and flavor of the book Washington Irving is most famous for, this Colonial Radio presentation won the Charles Ogle Award for the Best Fantasy Production of 2005.

VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS - Vol. 1  The Tinglers — from an original story by Mark L. Miller In this sequel to the Vincent Price classic The Tingler, Dr. Chapin and his crew search for a primitive tribe with ties to the elusive creature that is spawned from fear with a grip like iron. What they find in the dark jungle gives new meaning to the word terror! Fade Away — from an original story by Nick Lyons Private Eye Frank Wood is investigating the mysterious break-ins at the home of a wealthy old man named Jack Leonard. Is there really an intruder or is Jack losing his mind—seeing someone, or something, that isn't really there? Canus — from an original story by Chad Helder In this macabre tale where gothic horror meets the perversions of science, a young boy must survive a bizarre rite of passage—he must confront a creature deep within a mad scientist's dungeon! Road Rage — from an original story by Darren G. Davis and Paul J. Salamoff An advertising executive involved in a little fender-bender must suffer through a nightmare— the retribution of a sinister adversary with a twisted mind.

DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (Release Date Oct 1) 
Within Each Man, There Lies the Capacity for Infinite Good… and Infinite Evil. Dr. Henry Jekyll: Good-natured, friendly and sociable. Mr. Edward Hyde: Misanthropic, violent and uncontrollable. Prosecutor Gabriel John Utterson, a friend of Jekyll’s, is about to be plunged into the worlds of both men – and will discover the terrifying secret that binds them. From the rain-slicked streets of London to the innermost depths of the human psyche, the award winning Colonial Radio Theatre proudly brings Robert Louis Stevenson’s masterpiece to chilling, nightmarish life.

THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES – The Deadly Comedy Based on a story by Adriano The disfigured criminal genius Dr. Phibes rises from the dead once again to torment his arch-enemy, Scotland Yard Inspector Harry Trout, with another macabre murder. Phibes has murdered a famous stage actor in a bizarre and grisly fashion, but this is only the first stage of his twisted plan to rid himself of his enemies and achieve his black heart's deepest desire —immortality for himself and his late wife, Victoria. FAMILY OF THE NIGHT Based on a story by Chad Helder Children are kidnapped and taken to a secluded compound where they are given new names and then wait to be "adopted" by parents who are vampires. A very scary episode of Vincent Price Presents! RUE THE DAY Based on a story by Chad Helder A high school English class studies Edgar Allan Poe's macabre masterpiece, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue." Inspired by the horrific tale of a razor-blade-wielding orangutan, the brightest and most insane student in the class uses his secret psychic power to carry out a hideous and unimaginable revenge against his classmates. THE TELL TALE TAPE Based on a story by Brent Schoonover Popular radio show couple, Benny and Betty, have hit a snag in their off-air relationship. Low ratings and a new romantic interest threaten to put Benny out of a job for good. With the stress building, Benny's inner turmoil finally surfaces in a horrific fashion. Will this be enough to silence the voices in Benny's head for good?

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Vol. 1 Meet Jarrem Lee, Ghost Hunter (or as he prefers to call it, a psychical detective). With the help of college student Arthur Bennett, he embarks on a series of spine tingling and exciting adventures in the world of the dead. Episode 1: THE TOLLINGTON HALL CASE.  Sir Frederick Carmichael asks Lee to visit Tollington Hall, where a ghost haunts the attic each night. Episode 2: THE ANCIENT BURIAL BARROW. A demon is trying to escape from a grave discovered during an archaeological dig. Episode 03: LORD WENTWORTHS STATUE. A colletor becomes obsessed with a strange statue that becomes more life-like each day. Episode 04: PROFESSOR TAYLOR'S FINAL EXPERIMENT. A dying Professor has a plan to cheat death.

The Seven Lives of Dr. Phibes - Dramatized by M.J. Elliott, from a story by Mel Smith, Clark Castillo, Paul H. Birch. As the new world prepares to ring out the old millennium, Inspector Trout arrives in New York City to be greeted by a series of macabre murders and the knowledge that his arch-nemesis, Dr. Anton Phibes is behind them! Trapped - Dramatized by Deniz Cordell, from a story by Nick Lyons After being rescued from a flood by a man named Brandon, a married couple soon learn the hard way that their savior is in fact not what he seems. The Effigy - Dramatized by M.J. Elliott, from a story by Paul J. Salamoff A journey past a forbidding cornfield becomes a nightmare for 9-year-old Bobby Hollister when the local bullies force him to retrieve the mask from the nightmarish scarecrow that watches over the crop. Things aren't always what they seem in this new tale of terror because stuffing and straw are not the only thing sheathed beneath the scarecrow's mask! The Best In the Universe - Dramatized by Jack J. Ward, from a story by Paul J. Salamoff Assignments on frontier planets always irritated intergalactic mob hitman Randall Stiles and his partner Jake Mackey and this mission would soon prove why. What starts out as a seemingly routine pick-up turns quite deadly in this sci-fi tale that takes the listener on an unexpected ride to the outer edge of the known Universe.

Meet Jarrem Lee, Ghost Hunter (or as he prefers to call it, a psychical detective). With the help of college student Arthur Bennett, he embarks on a series of spine tingling and exciting adventures in the world of the dead. JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER Episode 05: The Disappearance of James Jephcott. A boy walks into his bedroom and disappears without a trace. Jarrem Lee is called in to investigate. JARREM LEE – GHOST HUNTER Episode 06: The Terror of Crabtree Cottage. Is Crabtree Cottage a porthole to the world of demons? A family calls on Jarrem Lee to help. JARREM LEE – GHOST HUNTER Episode 07: The Haunting of Private Wilkinson. A soldier who was killed in a training accident returns to haunt the army base. JARREM LEE – GHOST HUNTER Episode 08: The Mystery of Grange Manor. When a young lady inherits Grange Manor, her dead ancestors do not approve.

The Gothic horror tradition of film icon Vincent Price is revived in these twisted radio plays that transplant the best of the horror genre into innovative and bizarre landscapes for these unforgettable stories, which include horrific transformations, twisting plots, perversions of science, labyrinthine castles, Gothic dread, surreal revelations, and a little unexpected genre-bending. Now, The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air in Association with Bluewater Productions brings you Vincent Price Presents - featuring stories of horror and suspense inspired by some of Mr. Price’s most famous films, as well as creating new frightening tales with the assistance of his estate. Now .... turn the lights out .... sit back ... and welcome .... to the macabre world of Vincent Price. WITCHFINDER – Based on a story by Mark L Miller In 1635, Matthew Hopkins was one of the most notorious witch hunters in recorded history. But how did he become such a ruthless persecutor of evil? Find out why no one is safe from the wrath of the Witchfinder General in this one-shot prequel to the cult classic film also known as The Conqueror Worm. PAWNS – Based on a story by C Edward Sellner In an original tale of the macabre, it's a story of heroes, monsters and damsels in distress. But in this tale nothing is quite as it seems... When a young biker comes to the rescue he finds himself caught up in a fight for his life. Can he save the girl? And if so, who will save him?! 'Pawns' is a thrill-a-minute run through the woods! THE GREEN ESTATE – Based on a story by Neal Bailey. It seemed a simple mission: burn the evil house while holding its demons at bay using Erich Zann's violin. But they didn't expect to wake the Great Old Ones. Behold the consequences of a quest for personal revenge in the material world when demons of the next dimension takes notice. DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE – Based on a story by Paul J. Salamoff Something has come back for Charlie. It has pulled itself up from the murky depths and its brought death with it. In this terrifying new morality tale from Vincent Price, Charlie and his sister Jillian learn the hard way that sometimes its what you don’t do that comes back to haunt you.

(Release Date: Oct 1) SPIRIT RADIO – from a story by William Tooker. When his hot-air balloon crashes, a wealthy playboy finds himself perched on the brink of two worlds.  His only hope of returning to the life he once knew: a mysterious radio the inhabitants of the island are obsessed with. A SKUNK’S TALE – from a story by Chad Helder. In this special episode of Vincent Price Presents, adorable forest animals meet the apocalyptic zombie horde! Young Stevie the Skunk only wants to stink like the other boys at school. When he makes a devil's bargain with a sinister and powerful owl all hell breaks loose. Don't miss this twisted tale of adolescent angst and zombiehood. It's only cute until the horror begins. THE HOUSE OF THE RAVEN – from a story by Clay & Susan Griffith. Aubrey Pitt is a 1930s magician/gentleman detective known as The Raven. He is a suave fixture of high society as a crime solver and occult expert. When the Raven is summoned to a mysterious meeting with a wicked old colleague, he is presented with a puzzle worthy of his extraordinary talents. If he fails to solve it, he dies. If he succeeds, he lives in misery. The House of the Raven is a sinister tale of mystery and magic, demons and cocktail parties, and lederhosen as only Vincent Price could imagine!  

Monday, August 27, 2012


Today we are recording three new episodes of POWDER RIVER. We also have a photo shoot lined up for later in the week for upcoming CD covers, as well as a sneak preview being held on Saturday for a new production being released soon.

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST continues in Post Production, as does JEEVES AND WOOSTER, the first of which will be released on CD and DL in January. BEACON HILL is also in post, with a broadcast date set for Dec. 30th.

Casting is underway for our fourth, and final, Robert Louis Stevenson adaptation, THE BLACK ARROW. We will record this in October.

On Thanksgiving Day we will unveil our new production of THE EMERALD CITY OF OZ in a special 2 hour presentation on Sirius XM Ch. 80. It will be released on CD and DL Dec. 5th.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New on Amazon - our production of Jules Verne's THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS. We recorded this in early 2001 and it was originally released on cassette in the large CIVIL WAR STORIES box set. At that time our Civil War library consisted of GETTYSBURG. Penton (Our publisher) wanted 10 cassettes. So - I wrote/produced SHILOH (2 cassettes) RED BADGE OF COURAGE (2 cassettes) ADVANCE AND RETREAT (1 cassette) ALABAMA (1 cassette) and BLOCKADE (1 cassette) These, with GETTYSBURG, gave us 10 Cassettes. It also meant I had to write a lot of scripts in a very short period of time.
THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS, a short story by Verne, was the last completed, and was the toughest to do, as it was written and recorded during my Mom's final days in her battle with cancer. It was recorded a week before she passed away. I don't remember too much about the recording session for this one - it was a tough one to get through. They were very dark days.  Brilliance is releasing THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS for the first time on CD. Listening to it 11 years later, I think it's a solid little show.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last week we were scheduled to record TOM CORBETT - SPACE CADET. DANGER IN DEEP SPACE. Late in the afternoon, our actor playing Tom wrote to me and said he was coming down with something. He was willing to do the session, but was concerned he may not sound the same as he did in our first CORBETT production. I called him, and after a few minutes decided that it was off just enough to sound like Tom was smoking two packs of Lucky Strikes a day - so the better part of valor was to postpone the session. This is not an easy thing to do - nor is re-scheduling. With two leads in college, I knew we would have to wait until December.

I emailed the entire cast, and got confirmations back from everyone.  The one that made me laugh - as his emails usually did, was from one of our listeners favorite CRT Players - Hugh Metzler. Here is the email:

rest easy my friend - maybe some "Rocket Juice" or a "Martian Fizz" is in order later this afternoon on the veranda - transmission received - Hugh out

 Hugh was cast as "Shinny" described in the script as a "grizzled old space coot." For the first time in 7 years, he was FINALLY going to be able to do his Walter Brennan impersonation. It is spot on. I figured, sure, what the hell, as most kids today don't know who the real Walter Brennan was, and Hugh had been wanting to sneak it into a show since he played Judge Parker in a Powder River episode. I thought the time was right, and I knew he would deliver a wonderful performance.

Just a few hours after writing the above email response to me, Hugh was gone. He passed away unexpectedly late that evening at his home. I, along with everyone else who knew him and worked with him, was devastated. Suddenly people who you would bet money on to wax eloquent were at a total loss of words. 

Unexpected. No long good-bye. No good-bye. It was like turning off a light switch. And it was horrible.

I never worked with him on stage, so I don't have all those wonderful theater stories that go with the territory of performing live. I've done my share of live theater, but never worked with Hugh. It was on radio, at CRT, that we recorded close to 100 shows. Hugh would always arrive early to help set things up, and often times was the last one to leave to help me break things down. That's how he was. One of his recent sessions with me was in Episode 2 of BEACON HILL, which we recorded on July 9th. Hugh had a small role (he played leads, he played small parts - and he always had fun), and since the series revolves around a wealthy Boston family in 1898, a couple of days later he sent an email, telling me to look in my mailbox. I did so, and he had dropped off a book for me, BOSTON'S IMMIGRANTS, with a note saying that he thought I "might find it in interesting browse." How thoughtful was that? It really struck me, the fact he he had the book at his home, he knew I was writing about that period in time, and thought it might be useful to me. It will be, I can assure you.

I don't ever recall him coming to a recording session in a bad mood. I really can't. He always showed up happy and smiling. Some of his comic turns in various shows are priceless, and I will treasure them. I wish we had done more comedy. 
The recording sessions we had during the winter of 2008 for KING SOLOMON'S MINES are VERY memorable to me. Most recording sessions I don't remember; we tape so many during the year that after a while, they all blend together. Well, KSM's was memorable because we had so much fun!  Recording sessions are not usually fun. They're work. Well, J.T. Turner, myself, and Hugh played the three leads (Prof. Curtis, Quatermainm and Capt. Good). God, did we laugh. The show, if you ever get a chance to hear it, is quite serious, but what went on behind the scenes was just pure fun!  We laughed so much it is amazing we got a show out of it (and a big hit for CRT as well). We re-united for SOLUTIONS INC but the behind the scenes laughs were not there and the sessions went back to work. The three of us were on a JEEVES AND WOOSTER which is a delight, and Hugh really shines in that one, and the three of us were in a VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS episode or two, but again - the laughs of those KSM' days have never been topped. That one was special.

He played several roles in our CAPTAIN BLOOD, and he was Gardner the Gardner in BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT. Awaiting release on Dec. 5th is THE EMERALD CITY OF OZ, where he plays Oz the Magnificent. 

 One of his best roles came with ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS and ZORRO RIDES AGAIN, playing the Pirate villain, Bardoso. Another fun session, and he had a ball. Wonderful performance. 
The last recording session he had with us was when he played Lord De Canterville in THE CANTERVILLE GHOST, again with myself and J.T.  

 When I think of Hugh, what comes to mind? One of the kindest souls I ever met. No attitude, no demands, no feeling of self importance ... just a genuine, down to earth man, who happened to have a ton of talent. He could match anyone at the microphones. He delivered some comedic lines that are priceless in their timing and execution; and he could do a melt down scene that would break a cold heart (FADE AWAY comes to mind). 

 He really was that Royal Navy Officer exploring the interior looking for King Solomon's Mines; he really was that Pirate Captain losing his patience with Zorro, he really was Father Peregrine in The Martian Chronicles. What I am saying is that he made every character real. His acting was so understated and underplayed that you believed he was actually that person.  Same voice, different characters, but that little something was different each time, and it is that "little something' that no one has ever been able to explain in the actors who have had it.  It's natural, its subtle, and it is very rare. Hugh was our Spencer Tracy at CRT. He did comedy, he did drama, he did epic - with ease. I also think of him and Tracy because they both had the same acting style - plant your feet on the ground, look the other guy in the eyes, and tell the truth. Do that, and you got it made.

I went to his wake this afternoon. I paid my respects as did many, many others who were still shocked at what has happened.

After that I went to Gloucester, to the ocean. I love the ocean at night. There is something about the lapping water on the beach that is calming. Didn't stay as long as I normally would have. Must be the age in me.
Went to a pub in Gloucester and sat at an outside table, with a beer. Watched the idle fishing boats, most likely embarking on another adventure in a few hours as their crews work harder than we land lubbers know. The deck at the pub was quiet, the lights were dim, Gulls were overhead in the darkness giving out their lonely cries that seem to enhance the salt air ... and the constant water lapping against the boats as the tide came in. A beautiful setting. Dreamlike. Far from my reality.
I drank a toast and silently said good-bye. I'll see you at sundown, Hugh.

Monday, August 06, 2012

quick update

Recording continues this week with another episode of BEACON HILL, and the final song (which we just added) to the STAR ANGEL score, which will take 2 days to record with Chorus and lead vocal. 

LOGAN'S RUN - AFTERMATH and VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS - Vol 4 are "officially" released this week, even though Amazon started shipping them a few weeks ago; still, I guess on other sites they don't release till the 9th (or 7th, I can't remember the actual release date)

Our William F. Nolan trilogy will conclude with LOGAN'S RUN - REBIRTH. As with the other two productions, we hope to record in the winter and release the show in the summer of 2013. We have not assigned a writer yet who will dramatize the Bluewater Comic by Paul Salamoff. The LOGAN'S RUN series has been a lot of fun to work on, and it's been a real honor to be able to bring this classic sci-fi story to life in audio.

That's all for now. It's 4:20AM in Boston and the birds are starting to chirp outside. Oh, how I hate mornings.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


NEWS FLASH - Andrew Tighe, Mark Thurner and Mark McGillivray return as Tom, Astro, and Roger in C-R-T's TOM CORBETT - SPACE CADET - DANGER IN DEEP SPACE. Production begins in August for an early 2013 release. Seth Adam Sher will produce.
On July 3, CRT was awarded THE MARK TIME AWARD for Excellence In Audio Production for THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES and LOGAN'S RUN - LAST DAY. While no one from CRT was able to attend the event in Minneapolis, Firesign Theatre legends DAVID OSSMAN and PHIL PROCTOR accepted the award on our behalf. Many thanks to the Mark Time Awards judges. This is our 6th win since 2005! Pictured are (on stage) Phil and David, and Jerry Stearns at the podium.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

This n'That

It's been a busy week of recording at C-R-T, as we taped three new season seven episodes of POWDER RIVER, and two episodes of BEACON HILL.  The rest of the time was spent doing production notes (changes needed in edited scenes of shows in post production) and writing (7 more POWDER RIVERS due, as well as 2 final BEACON HILL scripts).

Scripts are in the works for TOM CORBETT - SPACE CADET Danger In Deep Space, which we record in August, as well as our long overdue WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS.

We are also in production with new episodes of THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES which appears to be our most popular title. Amazing how many other FATHER BROWN audio releases there have been from other publishers since we went on the market. Quite a bit, actually.  We are in the process of getting a NEW mystery series together - but more on that later (prying eyes, you know.)

THE STAR ANGEL, our big Christmas release is in full post production mode, and it's sounding good. Street date is Nov. 5th. 

SPEAKING OF STARS, on the personal side, I'm looking forward to attending my friend Walter Koenig's Hollywood Walk Of Fame Induction on Sept.10th in LA. I'm so happy for him as he joins his fellow STAR TREK legends with his own star on Hollywood's famous walk. Walter worked with us on his BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT in 2008. His newest project is a wonderful new comic book series called THINGS TO COME. Check it out!

Got a few emails asking if we are planning new ZORRO productions. Answer: No.  We've done Zorro.

Got an email asking how long we plan on producing POWDER RIVER. Answer: We have already recorded season 6, which goes on the air in October. We are currently in production with Season 7.  We are going to do an 8th season. Not sure beyond that.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


For many years, I have wanted to do a radio production of this great book by Oscar Wilde. I actually started a script over ten years ago, but never finished due to other priority projects that kept popping up. A few months ago I asked Gareth Tilley if he could write the script, and he delivered a good one!  We have completed recording and the production will go into editing in just a few weeks.  Our hope if for a spring/late spring release.

Monday, July 02, 2012

With a little Help from ....

I got an email that mentioned how lucky CRT was to have a big publisher give us money to produce our shows. If only that were true. From Day 1, all of our shows are self financed and self produced - from our own little pockets. In 17 years, we have never taken a dime of Grant money, never been spotted by a millionaire, and our publisher only releases shows that we have already recorded and produced. Just wanted to make that clear, as this email made it sound like we have been "given" some kind of golden ticket. Nothing has come easy, and it's still not easy. We started before home editing computers, our initial shows were on cassettes (at two thousand bucks to print a run), I walked MANY miles to every gift shop in Boston and every tourist trap in New England selling our shows to gift shops week after week for two years. It was 5 years before we got a publisher (which didn't last), 11 years before we got a REAL publisher, and 10 years before we went on the air with XM. Nothing happened fast and easy, as this email implies. I've heard other "producers" take pot shots at CRT, and I guess that's what you do. But just wanted to  state that we started just like everyone else - at the bottom - with no experience - and 17 years later we're still plugging away (except I don't have to pound the pavement anymore.).

Monday, June 25, 2012


This week we begin recording Season 7 of our western series POWDER RIVER, however Season 5 just finished its run on SIRIUS XM Radio. The CD and DL release of the new episodes will be on Dec. 5th.  In the meantime, Season 6 premiere's Fri. Oct. 5th on SIRIUS XM. 

Friday, June 22, 2012


Just a quick production update. We are currently recording the 5th volume of THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES, with four new adventures on the way: The Mirror and the Magistrate, The Curse of the Golden Cross, The Hammer of God, and The Wrong Shape. We are recording in July and August, and they will be released early in 2013. The show will also have a new music score!

JEEVES AND WOOSTER by P G Wodehouse. We have recorded six episodes that will be released in three volumes, starting in early 2013

POWDER RIVER SEASON 6 will premiere with 15 new episodes on our Sirius XM show FRI. OCT. 5th.

POWDER RIVER SEASON 7 is already in production, and will premiere in April, 2013.  

THE CANTERVILLE GHOST will begin production in July. This is a feature length production with a fun script by Gareth Tilley.

That's just a sample :)  There are several more productions starting in August - all will be released in 2013. More info on those later.