Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday already?

Taped another feature production of a new series (we will announce it in a couple of days), and just two days ago we recorded our 11th FATHER BROWN mystery. people seem to like this series, and M.J. Elliott in England has delivered 16 magnificent scripts. 5 more to record, and we should be finished in July.

KING SOLOMON'S MINES is due for CD release on July 1st. Did I mention that already? The trouble with this blog thing, is that when you are writing a new entry, you can't see your old ones, and once I am in here writing, I don't want to close out and open the blog to see what I babbled about before! What a problem to have, eh?

Now I need to finished the third script of a new series we start next week - taping on Thursday.