Wednesday, November 14, 2007


XM is running our RED BADGE OF COURAGE this week on Ch. 163. We did this one back in 2000, and it holds the honor of being the ONLY CRT show to be released without a music score! I was hoping for a "documentary feel" for the show. I don't know if it works or not - but there it is.

Over at JIM FRENCH PRODUCTIONS, you can hear an audio stream of POWDER RIVER; episode 8, NEW BEGINNINGS. This is actually two episodes edited together to form a single, one hour show. Works pretty good! Check it out, be sure to VOTE in their poll if you liked the show, or not!

Up in Portsmouth, NH, we will be heard on John Loverings Tuesday Night Show, WSCA-LP Radio Theatre. On Tue. Nov. 20th they will run THE PLIMOTH ADVENTURE - VOYAGE OF MAYFLOWER, from 1999! After which he will play a Dibble Thanksgiving Show from 2003 called THE GOOD OLD DAYS. Check them out - there is a live audio link on the station site so you can hear the broadcast anywhere in the world.

Then, on Dec. 18th, John will run Dibble's THE PERFECT TREE, and again, you can hear the broadcast on the stations website (you will find the links on the audio theater site I linked to above). After Dibble, he will run an awesome Grouch Marx show from 1954.