Saturday, June 26, 2010

Congrats to our Publisher!

Congratulations are in order for our publisher, BRILLIANCE AUDIO for being named Business of the Year, in their home town of Grand Haven.

a little update

Working on THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES script this weekend. Need to get it to Ray for approval in July, and then hopefully we can record in August and have it out on time. MJ has finished editing on THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, which now awaits music. Jim and Seth continue editing on BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR-ROBOT, and we are getting close to completion. Lots of other projects in the works that we can't announce yet; but we will be announcing a big one within a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Thursday Update!

Had a good meeting with Brilliance yesterday, mapping out how to go about digging into our catalog of 300 plus titles :) 300! No wonder I have dark circles under my eyes!
Today I have a 3:30pm recording session for LORENZO AND THE PIRATE, and then working on a Powder River script.
Some amazing things on the horizon that I can't wait to tell you about! A new 36 episode series is barreling down the pike right at ya, and it's like nothing we have ever done before! We start recording on July 24th and have a air date premier of Nov.6th on Sirius/XM (yep, the show will be broadcast on weekends, outside our normal time slot).


Saw the schedule for the CAPE COD MELODY TENT in Hyannis. I must be getting old because I only knew about four of the "stars" playing there this summer. The days of Liberace, Bob Hope, Robert Goulet, Rosemary Clooney, Martha Ray, Angela Lansbury, Victor Borge performing on that stage are long gone; behold the era of foul mouthed stand up.

JAWS is still an amazing movie to behold. Can't wait till it's on Blu-Ray. Is it??

The MGM lion at the start of a movie still has the most class of any movie logo, but the triumphant trumpets of 20th Century Fox really get the blood going and screams out HOLLYWOOD!

I think Colonial Radio needs to do the 6th L.Frank Baum OZ book as a radio drama.

Am I the only person who did not like AVATAR?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

JARREM LEE and such

We had a GREAT recording session on Monday for JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER, completing two new episodes. There will be 24 episodes in all. Joe Caliendo Jr. has taken on the role of Arthur Bennett, due to Jeremy Benson who needed to bow out since he will be playing the title role in the Scottish Play! Joe first recorded with CRT back in 1997 with THE STORM BREEDER, followed quickly by our Dickens Holiday offering for that year, THE SEVEN POOR TRAVELLERS. Nice to have Joe back behind the CRT microphones. We have aired the first 12 episodes on our show, and we're recording / editing the final batch now. Bryan Rothrock is doing a fantastic job on this series.

MJ continues to edit on THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, which will be broadcast as a special on Sirius/XM Radio on Thanksgiving Day. I think the CD release will be in the spring of 2011. So far 75 minutes has been edited; I'm taking a guess and predicting a final cut of 100min. Let's see if I'm right!

OH - and a note on the posters on this site; these are temporary ones that I create just to get the buzz going. Our publishers art department will produce the actual cover art for the CD's - so don't worry, they will look a bit more slick in the end :)

That's all for now,
cheers from Boston.

Monday, June 21, 2010


New COLONIAL RADIO TALK podcast, with Deniz Cordell. Deniz plays Clay Tucker in the POWDER RIVER series, and also starred in CRT's 2005 production KIDNAPPED. He is currently writing a new series which will premier this fall, and is composing the score to THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER, scheduled for broadcast on Thanksgiving Day.