Saturday, March 16, 2013

Time Flies!

BEACON HILL scripts have been keeping me from posting here as much as I would like. 8 scripts at 70 pages each takes a lot of time; also been sketching out the episodes for POWDER RIVER Season 8, plus a lot of recording sessions these past two months. So, that's my excuse! 

We have a few new FATHER BROWNS completed. These will be playing first on our Sirius XM show starting this week - on First Run Fridays. We have re-vamped our FATHER BROWN series with a great new music score by Jeff Gage, and a new look on the cover art.  MJ Elliott continues to write the series, and these new episodes were edited by Theo Mordey and Tony Raymond.

Also, we started work on two new series; THE THINKING MACHINE, based on the short stories by Jacques Futrelle, being dramatized for us by MJ Elliott,  and THE BURGLAR'S CLUB, by Henry A. Hering, being dramatized by Gareth Tilley. Both shows will be broadcast on our Sirius XM show this April and May.

Recording has begun on our production of Flint Dille's and David Marconi's  AGENT 13 AND THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE. Theo Mordey is producing, Jeff Gage is scoring the show, and it has been dramatized by Deniz Cordell.

THE ALL NEW DIBBLE SHOW will be back this summer with all-new episodes.

POWDER RIVER - SEASON 8 will begin recording in April. We will be reducing the episodes for the season from 15 to 12

BEACON HILL will begin recording 8 new hour long episodes starting in May.