Monday, April 06, 2009


Hi everyone who follows my blog! March 10th was the last time I was here, and even then it was just a couple of lines. Well, things have been very hectic around here. In a nutshell, we lost one of our editors just as our second PERRY MASON was nearing completion, and this, let me tell you, caused me some MAJOR problems. So, I acquired some juggling skills and had the show re-edited, from scratch, with a new producer (the incredible Seth Adam Sher).

In the meantime, we are are almost finished with MOONFLEET, which has also been delayed due to a producer who decided he had enough JERRY AND THE PIRATES and moved on (yes, it is hard work doing this stuff), causing us to move MJ over to PIRATES until all the episodes were edited (she had tons of help from Seth), and then she finally was able to return to Dorset and the adventures of Moonfleet Village. However, we had a 2 month delay because of this. Couple that with our other awol editor, and you get an idea on how crazy things have been. But through it all we managed to release new episodes of MOONFLEET and TICONDEROGA and now things are getting back on track.

PERRY MASON AND THE CASE OF THE VELVET CLAWS was released in March! it is available for download at our store on and also on I am very happy with the way these are turning out! On April 4th we recorded our fourth PERRY MASON mystery, called THE CASE OF THE HOWLING DOG. We have lots of new voices in this one, and I know you're gonna like it! Remember, these are based on the original books and were written in 1933-34. Perry is NOT Raymond Burr in these stories! He is written much tougher, and hits the streets to get his evidence and witnesses - often with dangerous results! The CD release will be later in the year.

JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER is a new series that is written by Gareth Tilley in England. Set in England in the year 1901, it's an exciting adventure series with some very clever stories! We have recorded 2 episodes, and 2 more are planned for mid-April. Not sure when we will have them ready for downloads. Hopefully early summer.

CHARLIE CHAN AND THE HOUSE WITHOUT A KEY goes before our microphones on May 2nd! Yes, we are taking on the famous detective as he appeared in the books from the 1920s. MJ Elliott (Father Brown, Perry Mason) is penning the scripts for us.

Hopefully later this week I will be submitting some more auditions for our ZORRO production. I really want to get this one recorded and into release!! Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

POWDER RIVER SEASON 5 is shaping up. All the episodes have been mapped out, and the scripts are in the works. I am VERY lucky to have Mike Langworthy working with me on the scripts, as a consultant, and even as a co-writer as he takes on a script! Mike is someone I am learning a lot from with writing. He has written numerous TV shows, and was also the Exec producer for the show "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teen Aged Daughter." He moved from Hollywood to the East coast, and it is really cool to have him on board with us! You're gonna see some great things - like -

JERRY AND THE PIRATES - SEASON 2! Mike will be working with me on season 2 of the show (I cant wait, since his main bag is comedy). The show is getting an overhaul; the action moves to California, as Jerry moves back west, closer to the business. There will be a new music score, and some new cast members, including CRT veteran (at 14) Anastas Varinos. Anastas starred in our productions of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, THE HALLOWEEN TREE, and TREASURE ISLAND (2006 version). 24 new episodes are mapped out - and I cant WAIT to start recording again with the incredible Connor Doherty, Rob Cattell and Ricky MacDonald!

Finally tonight, I hope you all check out our new upcoming release, BARRYMORE. This is the Broadway play by William Luce, and he has adapted it for us as an audio play. How honored we are cannot be expressed in words. The show is released May 2, and you can find it on Amazon, Borders, barnes and Noble, and online book sites all over the world - like this one in Australia, or this one in Japan!

More news soon - promise!