Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In general

Well, this Saturday night we are premiering our production of BARRYMORE by William Luce with a party for the cast! No one except a few have heard it yet, so I am looking forward to seeing what the reaction is to this production. William Luce almost flew out for it, but in the end decided to wait a bit, until we do the show on stage again (hopefully in the summer/fall of next year). I'm very proud of this one, and I hope people like it when it is released on CD in April. We will be releasing it for a two week only run on Lulu.com in November, and then pull it until April.

Also, the CRT microphones fire up again for the first time since Sept.8th when we record the CRT Christmas Special on Oct. 25 and 27th! This is a good old fashioned one hour holiday special just like the ones with Bing, Andy Williams and Perry Como did on TV and Radio so many years ago. Lots of fun, drama and music - we plan on releasing this one the day after Thanksgiving! More on this later.