Sunday, August 22, 2010


Considering that next month we start our 6th Season on Sirius/XM, I think it's GREAT that someone from CRT finally went there in person! Jeff Gage, who many of you know writes those incredible scores that you hear in 99% of our shows, was in Washington DC last week, and got a tour of the studios at 1500 Eckington Place.

And here is in in the studio with our FANTASTIC program Director Maggie Linton (L) and Assistant Program Director, Kim Alexander!

Jeff had a great time, and even got say HI on the air at 60's on 6 when Maggie popped in the studio during the tour for an impromptu Book Radio plug! I hope to visit the studios in the Spring!


Walter Koenig has inked a deal with Bluewater Productions for a series of comic books and graphic novels!
The first revisits a character he created in 1993 called RAVER, and the second is a fantastic tale of Vampires, called THINGS TO COME (These are not your Twilight Vampires!).
Walter is appearing in Chicago this weekend at Comic-Con and has given a few press interviews on the new deal. I am very happy for Walter, and I can't wait to read these stories. I know they are going to be a blast!