Friday, August 25, 2006

Had a good, productive day. Met with Jeff at Victor and Mae's CHINA CUISINE (My favorite restaurant - Main Street, North Reading folks) - and we talked about upcoming projects. He is in the middle of composing tracks for our new series A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY, and then he moves onto SOMETHING WICKED. You know, Ray wrote an incredible script. Where the Disney film took some liberties, the script he sent us is "by the book." I can only imagine what Jeff will do with the Carousel scenes (and Ray reminded us "it must be the funeral march') - and Jeff has the Calliope down pat from our TOBY TYLER a couple of years back. I can't wait to get into the middle of this one!

Now, it's time to crash and put the Beatles on!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

POWDER RIVER may start a run on a station in Illinois, which is very cool! They carry us when they re-broadast Dean Spratt's "Thursday Night Potpourri," on the W0KIE Satellite Network, but in the re-bradcast we dont air until 2AM, so this way we would be Sunday afternoons. We'll see if it pans out! Dean is now running Season Three of PR, and you can hear it on the internet feed - at 11pm EST. Tonight is episode 2, so check it out! Dean does a great job and we have been with him since last October. You can find the link on the Colonial website and it is listed on the homepage under "Colonial on the Air"

Chris Snyder is editing our production A VISIT WITH AESOP (our 193rd production) which is pretty cool! J.T. Turner performs this (and created it) as one of his several several traveling school shows, and I asked him if we could record it as a radio play - and he said yes! We actually taped it last February, but then everything went crazy two weeks later when we started recording CAPTAIN BLOOD, and then we went right into DANDELION WINE and then the final 10 episodes of POWDER RIVER, so poor Aesop was sitting on the the shelf waiting ... waiting .... waiting. BUT, the wait is over and the show is now in post!

Today - lets see - assigning the voice casting for the upcoming TREASURE ISLAND ON THE FAST TRACK, well, I added the "on the fast track" part myself .... then meeting Jeff Gage to give him some CAPTAIN BLOOD copies before he jets off to Chicago to see WICKED for the 50th time, then more writing.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Getting ready for recording SOMETHING WICKED, which begins next week. We are also going to be re-recording our TREASURE ISLAND a couple of weekes after, followed by A PHIL BYRNES MYSERY in late September. We have a BRAND NEW series in the works too! I'll announce that one very soon - it is being penned by a wonderful writer from the UK, M.J. Elliot!
Me? Working on dramatizing a book from Ray Bradbury that we are planning to record in the fall, and starting to kick around some ideas for POWDER RIVER - SEASON 4. So that is my Wednesday.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I was at my local Barnes and Noble store tonight, and low and behold, there was our CAPTAIN BLOOD on the shelf in the audio section! I had not yet seen the finished product, and it was VERY cool to see it there on shelf! So naturally i bought it! Our cast copies are on the way, but hey, it was in my hand and ..........
It looks great, very slick packaging and the CD's look great!
Off to record some Dibble into's for the XM show. Yes, it's 1:00 am, but I like recording in the middle of the night.