Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back from a great time in NYC and the opening of DIBBLE OFF BROADWAY! What a night! Drew DeCorleto has done a magnificent job bringing our radio series THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW to life on the stage. First of all, the show looks great! The cast sits in directors chairs with their names on them (Rita, Penelope, Etc),and they are on a rise that looks like snow! Then there is a PERFECT looking Christmas Tree, and a sound effects table to die for!

In the house on opening night were playwrite/screenplay writer Michael Weller (Ragtime, Hair, Moonchildren, Zhivago), Christopher Kyle (Alexander, K-19 - The Widowmaker), Jito Lee (Set designer), and J.T. Turner (CRT).

Drew took three of the holiday radio scripts and edited them into one, and then I did some bridge work and punch ups, and then took Jeff's music cues and worked them into the show. Then he needed to cast the show - and he found the perfect cast! I really love this production, and I only wish I could see it again. I have to thank EVERYONE involved and I hope that anyone who reads my blog and lives in the NYC area will see the show and support the Broken Watch Theatre Company!!

Last night we recorded another POWDER RIVER episode! We have three more to do on Monday (which I now need to write) and then I think I'm going to give the show a rest for a while. That will give us 60 episodes, and I need to focus on our Bradbury productions and also a VERY EXCITING project I will mention here soon.

So, back to the old drawing board. Hope you can get to NYC and pay Dibble a visit!

Monday, December 11, 2006


Off to NYC for the opening night of DIBBLE Off Broadway! Late night finishing up another POWDER RIVER script that we tape on Wednesday. busy, busy!