Tuesday, July 26, 2011


About to head on into an 11am recording session. What's going on in CRT? Lets see; I am writing POWDER RIVER scripts; just about finished with Season 5 and I have 12 stories mapped about for Season 6 (need three more); plus casting continues on shows into Sept. and doing production notes on new edits. Seth is working on POWDER RIVER episodes as well as an overhaul on TICONDEROGA, MJ Cogburn is in post with RETURN TO TREASURE ISLAND and about to start on a new FATHER BROWN and then EMERALD CITY OF OZ. Bryan has turned in a great JEEVES AND WOOSTER from a script by MJ Elliott, and is now working on TRAPPED - for Vincent Price Presents. Tony Raymond has completed THE FAMILY OF THE NIGHT (another VPP episode) and is starting on THE BEST IN THE UNIVERSE. In July we have recorded ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE LORD OF THE LOCUST, THE GREEN ESTATE, several eps of POWDER RIVER, and began music recording on THE STAR ANGEL.