Sunday, May 13, 2007

Whats new around here and Random thoughts

After a one year hiatus, I am going back into the editing room for some hands-on production work. The last production I edited for CRT was DANDELION WINE (and every production that came before it); and since then most of my CRT time has been spent scheduling, recording, and writing (and writing, and writing); but I've decided that I need more splicing and dicing in my life - so I am going to be editing!

Useless random thoughts?
I feel very old
Mothers Day can really suck
I could easily move away from this New England weather. I need to think of that more.
-so why am I looking at a huge house in North Hampton NH?
My world moves much too slow for me
I write better in bars
I need a vacation ... But bad. It's been 7 years or so.
I dont listen to audio books, in fact, I dont even like them.
I heard an interview with someone from LA Theatre works lamenting on how 'young people dont go to the theatre anymore." LADY - an Orchestra ticket for a Broadway musical can reach $250.00! The cheap seats are 50!! TOUCH REALITY - ITS REFRESHING.

My top 10 Pet peeves;
1) A person talking with their mouth full. I dont want to SEE the process, thank you!
2) Guys wearing baseball caps in restaurants.
3) The same baseball caps worn backwards.
4) Cell phones in movie theatres!!! And people talking on them! I love paying 12 bucks to hear someones conversation.
5) Those awful "cricket phones" that chirp. Do they have a vibrate mode?? And then both parties shouting into them! Just what I want to hear in a nice restaurant.
6) Excuses.
7) People who are mean to kids
8) People who are mean to their pets
9) small talk
10)Leaf Blowers

Ok, I vented. now back to writing the script