Saturday, September 30, 2006

Two of CRT's most popular actors have ventured out into other programs! DEREK AALERUD leaves the Powder River behind inbetween seasons and can be heard in the chilling horrorturn THE HOUSE IN THE CLOCK, while DIANE CAPEN is zooming around the galaxy in the spectacular space epic THE SWORD OF WINDSOR

Both shows were produced by DARKER PROJECTS, and I know you will enjoy them. In fact, THE HOUSE IN THE CLOCK will air on the Colonial Radio Theatre XM program Halloween night!
Congrats to both Derek and Diane - you both turned in great performances in these episodes.

We just released a brand-new Dibble episode, his second HALLOWEEN SHOW It even has a musical number in it (well, as much as Dibble can do a musical number). It's a fun little treat for Halloween so check it out!

Getting ready to record two more episodes of A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY on Monday night, and still working on the new shows for XM (shipping on Monday). Speaking of XM, POWDER RIVER season 3 finished up it's first run yesterday, and I can't believe the response we got from this series. XM started running them back in July I think, with a repeat of seasons 1 and two, and went right into three. So, P-R was on the air for 10 weeks! Lots of great emails from our fans - and thank you again for taking the time to write to us!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

One PHIL BYRNES episode in the can, five to go! Awesome cast of regulars (Diane Capen, James Turner, J.T. Turner, Hugh Metzler, Natasha Lathrop, Mike Dent), lots of guest stars (Cynthia Pape, Donna Corbett, Amy Strack, Tom large, Brandon Cole, the list goes on)- an incredible producer (Chris Snyder) Jeff's music is dead-on, and last but not least - the fantastic scripts of Sable Jak! Sable swears she's only writing six of these. I said the same thing, Sable, about another series ...

POWDER RIVER. I only wanted to do a 15 episode serial, and here we are 50 shows later, and starting Season 4 on October 16th. And speaking of October 16th, the third episode of POWDER RIVER we record that night, will be CRT's 200th Commercial Production!! We HAVE to go out for a pint or two after this session!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So some movie called JACKASS is the #1 box office movie this weekend? That really speaks a lot for our culture and the entertainment industry. I am so sick and tired of these stupid moronic reality shows and filthy flicks with (ahem) "movie stars" whos only talent is the way they look and pose .... gawd. What ever happened to the Richard Burtons and Peter O'Toole's.

Entertainment is all about the numba's, baby. Some suits at the studios dont like the numba's - AXE! They dont give a damn about the quality of the show. A program like Bonanza would NEVER make it in today's society. Today you have to eat worms and spiders to stay on the air, or do some stupid sit-com where every episode revolves around sex and cheating (can you direct me to one that doesn't?)

I sound bitter. I'm really not - I just miss good old fashioned entertainment.

The new thing is hanging up the phone at the end of a conversation without saying goodbye. Classy.

Editing one of our older shows today for broadcast on XM. Some of these old shows can really drudge up old memories that I would rather forget; speaking of which, RED BADGE OF COURAGE airs in November.

That's todays entry. Tomorrow is a day at the hospital with my dad, and surgery the following morning, and we also start taping the PHIL BYRNES episodes tomorrow night.

Next summer I am going away for a month - no matter WHAT.