Saturday, August 03, 2013


CRT CASTING NEWS! We are happy to announce the cast for WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS. Our TOM CORBETT crew, Andy Tighe, Mark McGillivray and Mark Thurner will trade in their spacesuits for WW1 Royal Flying Corps gear as they head up the strong supporting cast of Tom Berry, Fred Robbins, Ronni Marshak, and in their CRT debuts, Liz Robbins, Andy Heroux, and Allan Mayo. The writer of the original comic our show is based on, Scott Davis, will make a cameo. Should be a fun production! We roll in August and the production will be released in 2014.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keeping busy

Saturday I started and finished a new episode of POWDER RIVER, called THE LAW AND HIS SON, Part 2 (also finished 4 pages on Part 1). Wrote this for James McLean who will be leaving the show as he goes to college. We'll miss him - started with us in season 3 with the episode called THE WAGON BOY.

Then today I started and finished another PR episode, FROM THE ASHES WILL RISE. Didn't plan on writing it in a day, but that's how it is sometimes. Very happy with the story - just hope it seems as good when I look it over before sending it to the cast

In a few hours I have a photo shoot for the cover art of THE WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS. Most of it is done, we need to have our pilot in the picture!

Thursday we record Episode 15 of BEACON HILL. We have such a great cast in this one. New episodes will be out this fall. We started work back on May 15th, and we wrap on Aug. 8th.

Need to line up photo shoots for JERRY AND THE PIRATES and THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW, as all of those episodes will be released onto Amazon, iTunes and Audible very soon!

Thats all for today. Cheers from Boston -JR

Sunday, July 28, 2013