Wednesday, March 07, 2012

keeping busy

We released three new CD's this week: VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS - Vol. 3 / THE ALAMO / and THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. Check them out over at

On Friday, Season 5 and all new episodes of POWDER RIVER begin airing on Sirius XM. We have already recorded Season 6, and we're going to do a 7th season as well, starting this spring. This will bring us to 105 episodes.

Going to be recording the final entry to our VINCENT PRICE series this month, as well as LOGAN'S RUN - AFTERMATH, the sequel to our LOGAN'S RUN - LAST DAY released last year. We're also going to try and squeeze in another FATHER BROWN if we can, and another JEEVES AND WOOSTER.

Our 2008 production, TICONDEROGA, has had a major remake, and will be released on CD and Download this coming July 9th. We were not happy with the results in 2009, and decided to give it an overhaul. We're now very happy with the production. We'll be doing photo shoots for the cover art over the next two weeks. Its funny because people think that CRT has done a lot of historical programs - mainly because we started out doing those 17 years ago. In actuality, we have done only a few, and TICONDEROGA was the first 'historical' show we had done in 8 years. Clocking in at over 10 hours, it has fictional characters against the real-life backgrounds of the French and Indian War. Looking forward to getting this one out there - it's been a long road!

More later -