Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dave in TN hates our production of GETTYSBURG! I just read his review on i-tunes. He gave it ONE STAR! His sterling review is as follows

This is TERRIBLE! I can't believe I bought it! It was on during our road trip for all of 5 minutes before I shut of off. I thought I would give it another try but this is just WAY TOO SILLY

David, David, David. I normally dont respond to reviews (espcially armchair reviews, or carseat reviews whatever fits you best), but this one was something! I can't believe you bought this either!! I was shocked!!

I mean - didn't you listen to the 10 minute preview before you plopped down $11.95?? Surely you would have realized 5 minutes into the 10 minute preview that this show was TERRIBLE! My, my! WHAT were you THINKING???

You see David from TN - some programs take a little time to unwind. A show that runs three and half hours needs more than five minutes in a car with lousy speakers (they must be lousy if the show sounded good enough to download for $11.95 after you listened to the 10 minute preview)- to gain speed. But, I suppose you live in a fast world and want everything zapped into high gear without any structure.

If you didn't listen to the 10 minute preview before you plopped down $11.95 for this TERRIBLE I SHUT IT OFF IN FIVE MINUTES production, you have no one to blame but yourself. But - I think you did listen to it. Maybe it was the traffic. Maybe it was the company. maybe it was the ride. Maybe it was the lousy speakers; maybe its a very short attention span; but I am VERY SORRY for producing such an unworthy production! Please forgive me David from TN! I'll try better next time - and I'll see if I can get i-tunes to shorten the samples to five minutes so you can decided within the space of your attention span if the show sucks or not. Thanks for the review!! I appreciate it! (ps - the guys in blue won)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Starting to write Season 4 of POWDER RIVER - which begins taping new episodes October 16th! Yep, we're going to do 20 more of them, which will bring our episode count to 70! These episodes will go on the air starting in February I think.
I wonder if anyone in Clearmont Wyoming listens in? I'm looking forward to it, and so far, most of the cast is coming back for more!

Our new production of TREASURE ISLAND is just about finished - thanks to our new editor Chris Snyder! I think this is a much better production than our first version from 2001. Joe Z, Tom Berry are back in their original roles as Long John and Captain Smollet, and everyone else is new! It will also be our first feature production presented in COLONIAL 3-D!! How cool is that?? If you havent heard the original version we did - it's on Spoken Network for a few more days - but next week it will be pulled from release and replaced with the "new and improved" version!!

That's all, folks!
- at least for now!