Monday, January 28, 2013


We're about to start our 2013 recording season in just a couple of weeks, with the first episode of THE THINKING MACHINE. Cast is in place and ready to go! Also next month we start recording Flint Dille and David Marconi's AGENT 13 AND THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE. Tom Berry is cast in the title role. Production will be completed in March. Theo Mordey will be producing, and Jeff Gage is composing the score.     Also next month we record the first episode of THE BURGLARS CLUB, by Gareth Tilley.

BEACON HILL begins recording 8 more episodes in May, and POWDER RIVER - THE FINAL SEASON begins recording the final 15 episodes in April.

DIBBLE IS BACK with a vengeance! THE ALL NEW DIBBLE SHOW is back in production with three completed episodes, and three more recording in March. The new Dibble episodes will run this summer on Sirius XM.