Friday, August 28, 2015


Recording was completed for TICONDEROGA - Season 2, on Mon. Aug. 17th. We recorded 12 new episodes for the season which will be released late fall.

The program will record a third season, starting in October.

POWDER RIVER Season 10 Vol. 2 will be released in late September. Season 11 has been recorded and will be our in the new year. We will be recording a 12th season for the series where we will reach 162 episodes!

POWDER RIVER continues to run on Southwaves Radio in the UK, and will return to IMAGINATION THEATRE on Sept. 6th where it will be heard the first Sunday of the month. This is our 8th year on I.T. and this year we will also be airing TICONDEROGA as the second program for the hour long show.