Monday, May 20, 2013


This past week we recorded episode 9 of BEACON HILL. Had a great session, and it was nice to have the cast together again after 9 months. The series had a rocky start on Sirius XM, due to some programming flubs, so it was hard to get some momentum going; however we are re-running them now, two episodes back to back, so hopefully more listeners will discover the series.  As with most of my shows, it takes a few episodes to figure it out and settle in; but I think we "got it right" now, and we're movin' right along, although I have three more scripts to complete and scheduling remains the hardest part of the process - but it's worth it in the end.  We'll be recording 8 hour long episodes over the summer.  We will record episode 10 in two weeks.  We're sad to be losing Isaac Bean (Robert), after Episode 13, as he will be traveling and unable to record (we will lose him in POWDER RIVER as well), and then it's off to college.  Isaac is a wonderful young actor, and he has brought a lot to the show. We'll all miss him!

Also last week we recorded our 24th episode of THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES, titled THE SINS OF PRINCE SARADINE. The show went right into editing, with CRT Producer Tony Raymond, and as of tonight the production is completed!  We are looking for a date to schedule our 25th episode, of which MJ Elliott has delivered the script for - hopefully we'll get it recorded soon.We'll be releasing Vol. 6 over the summer (tentatively July), and Vol. 7 in the fall.  We've been producing FATHER BROWN on and off for the past 6 years, but now we are going full force on it - no prisoners!

Tomorrow night we record a special episode of THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW. We have a small cast on this one; just Dibble, Jake, and Westbrook. Reason being we had to get it recorded, edited, and out the door fast for broadcast -  and it was easier to do it this way rather than scheduling 6 actors. But we're taping three new half hour episodes this summer with the full cast.

We will also be doing some pick ups for our production of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, which is about to go into post production.

POWDER RIVER will begin recording Season 8 in June, with 12 new episodes.

20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA will record in June

AGENT 13 AND THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE still has recording to complete, however the first five scripts are now in post production. Rich Matheson is producing.

Lots going on, and more projects scheduled that we'll mention soon.