Friday, August 10, 2007

ON XM AUG. 13 - 31

CAPTAIN BLOOD returns for a three week run on SONIC THEATER, XM. CH 163. Dramatized from the book by RAFAEL SABATINI.
MON: Kirke's Dragoons
TUE: Human Merchandise
WED: Plans of Escape
THU: Pirates!
FRI: The Rebel-Convicts

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Late Night Conversation

I thought we would have released GUNS OF POWDER RIVER by now (I had promised mid-July), and hopefully we will have it on Spoken Net this week, and XM shortly afterward. I'm at the mercy of our editors, and I can only push so much. I haven't edited a show myself since DANDELION WINE a year ago! Sad to say our editor in Australia who I raved about has not worked out, as he left the FATHER BROWN project hanging with two incomplete acts of two different episodes, and an entire episode. Unprofessional and frustrating has been the experience "down under." He did great work, but if you don't deliver, you dont deliver.End of story. End of case. I should have noticed something was wrong as far back as April, when my eyebrow was first raised at one of the many excuses. I must be slipping, or getting old. The shows will now be completed by Chris Snyder when he gets a chance, but my hope of getting FATHER BROWN released this fall is pretty much crushed.

TOM SWIFT is now in post-production and sounds just fine! I think folks will like this little slice of Americana from the early 1900's.

We have upgraded our entire music department with the worlds best music software program! This cost a bundle and I am dying to hear the results. We are now in talks to bring a TV/ Movie Icon to life in Audio (as I mentioned before), and its possible that that production will be the first to debut with our new music program.

This coming week we have new air times on XM Radio. We were lucky, as many shows got the axe. We have a lot of loyal fans on XM, and they let XM know it! Our new times are ok, and we cant complain. We are going into our third season with Sonic Theater! THE DIBBLE SHOW is now airing Thursdays at 3:30, EST. Not the best slot for Dibble, which is mostly for kids (it will run 12:30 in the West, during school hours), but we'll take it. The staff at XM have been very good to us.

POWDER RIVER continues to generate fan mail here at CRT! We've had requests for autographed photos, scripts, caps, mugs. I think we need to get some stuff made up; what do you think?

It's a great feeling knowing that POWDER RIVER has caught on. The other night I was listening to the Radio Classics station on XM. It was an old Lone Ranger show from 65 years ago. I started wondering if, perhaps 65 years from now, when I'm long gone, if someone would be listening to a POWDER RIVER episode saying "Man, this thing was recorded 65 years ago!" It's a nice feeling, knowing that someone who perhaps isnt even born yet, might be enjoying your work years from now. I hope so, anyway.