Friday, February 15, 2008


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Scripts and Snow.

Well, the script for BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR-ROBOT is really something! Deniz Cordell is penning this one, and I gotta tell you it's a hoot! Walter Koenig read the first 86 pages (thats all we have at the moment) and was impressed! He had a few suggestions, which will be added to the draft, and I think the whole thing should be finished by the end of the month. This will be unlike ANYTHING Colonial has produced before. It's a black comedy, theater of the absurd, and our first time doing sci-fi. The characters are great, and the story is very original. You won't listen to it and say "Oh, this is like ...." Walter will headline this, along with the Colonial Radio Players.
We'll be recording this in the summer, and depending on post-production, we hope to deliver it late fall.

KING SOLOMON'S MINES has been plagued with recording cancelations due to good old New England Ice. Most of the country is going through rough weather, and we are not exempt. I had to cancel two sessions due to my coming down with the flu, and then had to cancel two more due to snow storms. We're trying again next week!

When we taped POWDER RIVER SEASON TWO three years ago we had the same problem. I remember the Custer episodes were canceled twice due to snow. But two years ago, when we recorded CAPTAIN BLOOD from Feb-April, we had NO problems with snow; and I think we had eight sessions for that one.

I'm starting to think about the cast for MOONFLEET. I am hoping to start this one in March.

So much to do!