Sunday, October 22, 2006

I want to officially welcome our two new editors at CRT - Chris Snyder and Matthew McLaren. Chris resides in Arizona, and has edited season 3 of POWDER RIVER, and is now working on our PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY series. He also edited our re-make production of TREASURE ISLAND. I know I have mentioned Chris before on the blog, but I dont think I have OFFICIALLY introduced him to you. If I did, all the more reason why I need help with the workload - I'm losing my mind!

Matthew lives in Denman, Australia, and is a fantastic editor (we are airing his horror turn THE HOUSE IN THE CLOCK on our XM show in another week). Matt is also working on the PHIL BYRNES show.

We are very lucky to have these two master editors with us right when everything is getting busy busy! I feel like the cavalry has just come over the hill!

Also, please welcome Brandon Cole - a voice actor from Ohio who has joined the CRT players! Brandon played an outlaw in POWDER RIVER - THE NITRO GANG, and just recorded for PHIL BYRNES.

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