Monday, May 26, 2008


I have very clear memories of Memorial Day from when I was 8 or 9. In those days, it was celebrated as the holiday it was - on the actual day - not a "long weekend." Our holidays have, in many ways, lost their meanings. I can remember going shopping with my Mom at Wilmington Plaza, and the vets would be selling poppies. I remember how special it was to buy one, and how I knew even then, what it meant. I wonder how many kids today know? I wonder how many know the meaning of this day? Very few, I would imagine. How sad.

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Sharonmaggie said...

We often do forget the price that military personel pay for our freedoms. I try to remember to say thank you to veterans and those activily serving.
We saw CSA memorial service today! It was moving to note that hundreds of Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi CSA soldiers died here in Madison Wisconsin as prisoners of war in the 1860s. There were re-enactors there. We missed the USA Civil War service, unfortunately. They also had costumed re-enactors... we were wondering if they were going to start shooting at each other, after the services ended... they didn't... darn!
There were three other services at the cemetery, and in an anti-military place like Madison usually is... is very rare. It may have been a reaction among the silent majority against all the years of anti-military-ism. THANK YOU to all those who've served and their families for your sacrifice and service!