Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back to work

Spent July 3,4, and part of the 5th in Bloomington, MN for the MARK TIME / OGLE AWARDS, where, as I had mentioned earlier, CRT won the Silver Ogle for SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. It was nice meeting Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Radio) after all these years, and also nice meeting other audio producers - something I have never done before (Jeffrey Adams from Ice Box Radio Theatre, Christiana Ellis who won the Gold mark Time for her wonderful SPACE CASEY series, and David Hinde Chapman who won the Silver Mark Time for ANDROIDS AND YOU)! These awards are given out at the CONvergeance Convention, and it was the first Sci-Fi convention I have attended. My thanks to Jerry Stearns and the Mark Time Committee for showing me a great time, and also the magnificent suite at the Sheraton Bloomington (How cool is it to have Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca from STAR WARS just a few doors down!), and also for the great breakfast with all the other award winners the following morning. Many, many thanks for a wonderful few days in MN!

I also had stops in Baraboo WI (Circus World) , Madison WI, Jamestown NY, and Buffalo NY; so all in all, a nice trip. Mary Rogers took some great pictures on the trip.

Now, back to work on JERRY AND THE PIRATES, writing six new scripts for our recording sessions on July 21 and 28th. Got one finished today, so now we need five!

Also, we started pre-production work on BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT, which is shaping up to be our biggest production to date - with 45 actors voicing close to 200 speaking roles in the 420 page script. We are still doing voice casting, and I am very happy that Walter Koenig is very much involved with the audio dramatization of his book. He has been involved with the voice casting, as well as some extensive work on the script! Very exciting stuff! He will be starring in the show as well.
Jordan Rich, from WBZ Radio's THE JORDAN RICH SHOW will also perform in the show, as well as host the "Special features" interviews with Mr. Koenig and some of the other key members of the production. Taping in August, the show is scheduled for a December 1st release.

All in all, a VERY busy month!

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Sharonmaggie said...

It sounds like the award ceremony and surrounding events were a good time, Jerry. I don't know how often you get to meet other people who do what you do that are not part of CRT, but it has to fun to be able to "talk shop" a bit, and have people actually understand what you are talking about... unlike us fans, who sometimes get reality and fiction a bit mixed up!
You guys/grlz at CRT are getting to be big league players lately, congratulations! Maybe you are not "colonial" anymore, but perhaps "empirical" or "mainstreamical," instead.