Monday, September 15, 2008


No, the Powder River has not been reduced to a stream, but it has on the Jim French website! The first Sunday of each month, Jim runs an episode from our series on his show IMAGINATION THEATER. You can hear this months episode for FREE - for the next two weeks only. The episode deals with cattle rustlers, and it's called MORGANS TOWN, Part 2. You can check it out HERE, thru Sept. 28th. And be sure you vote in their poll, after you hear the show!


Unknown said...

I am a truck driver and I have started listening to CRT on XM radio. I really enjoyed the Powder River series. It reminds me of the old western radio shows like Gun Smoke, Frontier Gentleman, and Six Shooter with Jimmy Stewart. I am on the tail end of the "boomers" and was raised with Roy Rodgers, Bonanza and the Gun Smoke series.When CRT Powder River series ended on XM, I was so upset that there isn't another episode. The show is so realistic that the actors draw in the listeners and make us feel like they are a part of the show. I hope there will be more. Thanks to all.

JR said...

Thanks, dljboop! I really appreciate your comments, and your support of Powder River! We haven't taped a new half hour episode in two years, but this November we start recording 15 new episodes for our fifth season. You keep listening, and I'll keep making them! Cheers - Jerry