Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recording Again!

We haven't recorded anything since Sept.8th, as we were closed for renovations; and yesterday we started work on the Colonial Radio Christmas Special! We actually recorded in Westford, MA (music only), in a fantastic 10 hour session! We are back there today at 1pm, so Connor Doherty can record his parts, and then tomorrow night we're back at CRT-1 to record the dialog, and then back to Westford for solo numbers later in the week. Look for this one the day after Thanksgiving on Lulu.Com, and on XM in December. Last night I got home close to midnight, then watched a movie, then at 3:30am had a call with Chris Snyder as he finished the final assembly on two more Jerry and the Pirates episodes, and discussed the schedule for the work week. We've lost Byron Lee as a producer, so we are juggling things around to keep all our projects on schedule. So far, so good! Off to the races!

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Sharonmaggie said...

Did you lose "Big Bad Byron" 'cause ya killed him off in the western?