Sunday, December 28, 2008

a good night on Broadway

Another GREAT time on Broadway tonight. Went with J.T. to catch Liza Minnelli in her new show at the Palace Theatre. She's still incredible - in total controle of her talents and thinner and singing GREAT with clear and powerful notes. Maginificent show. Joe Luft was there also - so all in all a great night.

Bumped into CRT Music Director Jeff Gage who was in town with Keith to catch a few shows, and we grabbed a bite at Roxy's (my new fav NY joint). Had to come right back after the show though, as I have GOT to finish 2 scripts for Monday nights recording session - which is why I am at the computer at 5.30am. So - enough of this blogger chat. time to get to work. Adios.


Sharonmaggie said...

OMG! You are crazy! I'm glad that Liza was wonderful! and in great control of her skills! I think she's fabulous and very fragile, too. I hope she has a great run!

Sharonmaggie said...

So... how about some details about LIZA @ THE PALACE for those of us who won't be able to see the show? The last review I saw was before her Palace run but after Woonsocket, RI.
I loved seeing her in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, but of course she didn't do any of her musical stuff there, but the parody of her life that she did was pretty amazing stuff... what a trouper! And AMERICAN MASTERS (on PBS) did a thing on her that they reran this last year.

JR said...

Hi Sharon, the critics say it better than I ever could - here are a bunch of reviews

Sharonmaggie said...

Thanks, Jerry! : ) Sms