Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last night we had another great session, recording episodes 7,8 and 9 of our French and Indian War saga, TICONDEROGA! We had Lincoln Clark, Diane Capen and Rebecca Stevens as guest stars in episode 7, "The Coopers." So far I am very happy with the production and the cast. 15 year old Paolo Settipane is doing a fantastic job in his first major acting role, and Joe Z is delivering one of his finest CRT performances. J.T. is also a blast in a variety of roles, including his leading character of Degadawidah.
Seth Adam Sher has begun editing episode 1, and Jeff Gage has turned in some of the music cuts for the series.

We have another session on Dec. 29th, two more in January, and two more in February, and we are finished with recording! I am having a good time writing this series, and Powder River Season 5 follows!

Speaking of writing, it was a marathon writing weekend for me, as I wrote eps 8 and 9 on Saturday and Sunday. I didn't have writers block (Ray Bradbury told me there is no such thing), but it took me a while to think the story through, since I wanted these two episodes to dwell more on character development. I love the scripts, but they left me emotionally drained, and writing for almost 72 hours (with about 3 hours worth of crash time in there) Everyone seems to be having a good time with this one.
I'm going to start writing episode 10 - but first I have to put up the Christmas Tree that I bought on Friday and is still waiting in the garage. cheers

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Sharonmaggie said...

I didn't read you mention sleep or meals in there! No wonder you are drained! But I suppose it helps the continuity that you are Superman!