Thursday, April 30, 2009


BARRYMORE will be airing at 10pm EST tonight, not 9:30 as advertised. It seems that if they start at 9:30, they would have to do a mandatory "on the hour" break during the last 5 minutes of the show. So - 10pm, EST on XM / Sirius


Sharonmaggie said...

Thanks for letting us know about the time change on Sirius/XM, Jerry. Tonight is my night to listen! Can't wait to hear the interview following!

Sharonmaggie said...

EX-cellent job with BARRYMORE, love it! It's different, once again! It had to have been fun to be interviewed with William Luce! Gunna do Caruso? I'm old enuf to remember him! And Mario Lanza who replaced him and played him in a movie or two (before he died, too young at a weight loss clinic in Italy)!

JR said...

Glad you liked it! Caruso is a ways off; haven't started work on it. But the production that aired tonight was the same version we had for download last fall; we didn't change a thing. Maybe because XM broadcasts with a small bit rate it sounded different.

The Luce interview was fun to do; it lasted about 40 minutes but they cut it to 20 for the air. They play the show Sunday night, and that will be the last broadcast. Hope the CD's do well!

Sharonmaggie said...

Will you be able to post the interview on your site, or is it Sirius/XM's property? It's too bad it isn't on the CD!
I guess it could be the difference between my computer speakers and the XM broadcast, but I could swear the "Italian night" music was a bit different and the dialog here and ther seemed a bit different. I've heard it a couple of times since I originally dounloaded it. Ah yes, the aging mind is a wonderous thing.. I never know... anything... for certain!
BARRYMORE is such a different enterprise for CRT, that it may be a difficult thing for CRT's usual fans to absorb, but John & all of the Barrymores were such a big part of theater and early pictures, if Blackstone treats it fairly, there should be good interest in it. Your performance in this play is dynamic & heart~rending; you run the gamet of emotions in the span of the play: dramatic, funny, tender, pathetic, rising to the fill the heights of Shakespeare's prose and tumbling to the quiet depths of a scared little boy or bumbling like a drunken fool. It's a very impressive performance, and a lot of work. What a roller coaster ride to the final realization by the character! I hope you get the reognition that you deserve for this work. You and Mr. Luce have created something quite special together.