Saturday, April 18, 2009


We are very happy to announce that we are ready to roll on ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS.

KEVIN CIRONE will be playing Don Diego / Zorro - the masked avenger - the first time Zorro has been dramatized for audio since the 1940's. Kevin is a newcomer to CRT, having recently appeared in PERRY MASON AND THE CASE OF THE HOWLING DOG, which is due to be released in May. However, he is no stranger to acting, having appeared in numerous stage productions and several pictures.

Also cast in the production are CRT vets Shonna McEachern as Lolita Pulido, Hugh Metzler as Captain Bardoso, J.T. Turner as Captain Ramon, Sam Donato as Sgt. Garcia, Joseph Zamparelli Jr. as Friar Felipe, Diane Capen as Inez, the Pirate Woman, Dan Powell as Sanchez and Don Audre.

Seth Adam Sher has been assigned to this project as Producer, and Jeffrey Gage is writing the music. ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS is being produced by The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air, in association with Zorro Productions, Inc.


Anonymous said...
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JR said...
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Anonymous said...

Great news! I am so looking forward to this! Last month before an airing of Powder River (my personal favorite show), Maggie the station manager mentioned that PR was their most popular series ever, (the masses have spoken and they love it). I can only imagine how great these Zorro programs will be. (If you can bottle that Powder River magic and put some of it here you will have a Home Run.) Keep up the wonderful work. Oh, I have been down loading Ticonderoga...Riveting!

Anonymous said...
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JR said...

WOW! You like those Louis L'Amour hybrid stories?? No WONDER you don't like Powder River! Ok, that explains a lot now! His books are great, the audio "book readings with a sound effect once in a while" are something else.
And thank you for the compliment on the writing!
Gary Cooper? Said "yep" a few hundred times.
John Wayne? "Not Hardly," about 8 times in BIG JAKE, not to mention a running line in every other picture he did.
If you hate me so much, why do you know so much about Powder River (unless you are judging one episode), and why on EARTH would you listen to Zorro if you know it's going to be horrible (and I think people like you would slam it even if you liked it)

Have a wonderful afternoon, pardner!

JR said...

To our readers - as always CRT reserves the right to delete all comments we deem insulting to our readers and to Powder River fans in general :)

ps To he who calls himself "Z" - the two comments I deleted (before your new one) - consisted of your original rant, and my reply. C ya :)

Sharonmaggie said...

How can you not like something that you haven't heard yet, or, in fact, hasn't even been recorded yet??? Why that's just silly! And who forces people to listen when they don't want to??? Sheesh! I'm not a big sci fi fan... I think I'll listen to some and complain about it...!
People... use your God given comon sense and explore the "off" switch... or... make your own audio dramas and see how difficult what CRT makes sound easy really is!