Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick comments

This weekend we're recording the first three shorts starring THE COLONIAL RADIO KIDS! We have a number of kids who record with us, and there just are not enough roles for them. So, I thought it would be fun to do some short 8min comedies with an all kids cast! We're taping FREAKY FAIRY TALES this weekend.

TUESDAY we're taping the first few episodes of a new series called SOLUTIONS, INC., written by Mike Murphy. More on this later, as we will not be broadcasting them until next September.

Editing is going great on our productions of TICONDEROGA and Walter Koenig's BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT. Both are due in early 2010, although TICONDEROGA begins a Sirius/XM run starting Dec. 4th.

The first week in November we wrap up our series JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER, which we started taping last April. The first 6 episodes begin airing next Friday, and the second set of 6 episodes will air right after the run of Ticonderoga, in the spring.

And also at the end of October, we will record our final two episodes in our FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES series, giving us a total of 16 episodes.

There are a few awesome things cooking here that I just can't spill the beans on - but they're REALLY cool and think our listeners are gonna like them.

Thats all for now ~cheers

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