Sunday, September 05, 2010


Once a month I try to check on the internet to see what is going on with CRT at various sites. Some of the "satellite sellers" or whatever they are called, on Amazon, are selling some of our titles for outrageous amounts.

I have seen our LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW for as much as $900.00 for the CD's! That is just plain WRONG. Even now it is at $40.00 for a used copy. You can buy the download on Audible for $8.95! Now that the show is no longer available they think they have some kind of rare recording - which is ridiculous. It will be released again, this time from our new publisher, Brilliance Audio, and will be better distributed than it ever was with our old publisher. Same goes for CAPTAIN BLOOD, THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES,KING SOLOMON'S MINES, BARRYMORE. They may be unavailable at the moment from Amazon, but that's just temporary, to be sure.

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