Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ZORRO hits the streets and BUCK ALICE is in the wings

Our production of ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS is now available - you can get it on Amazon, and every other place that sells CD's and downloads. It sold out at Amazon the first day, but new copies should be in in just a couple of days. We're all set with the sequel as well, ZORRO RIDES AGAIN, which will be released FEB.15th.

Walter Koenig's BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT will be released next Monday - Nov. 15th! This is a different kind of show for Colonial; very much a black comedy, and our second that would carry the rating R if it were a motion picture (the first being BARRYMORE).

It's a fun show, with some really great performances. We had over 50 performers in this epic, headed by Walter Koenig himself, who flew into Boston for the recording sessions.

Sirius XM will run it as a 7 part mini-series, starting the 15th. I'll post the times as soon as I get them.

Walter will be a guest on Maggie Linton's COVER TO COVER show on Nov. 16th at 3pm EST, and then on WBZ radios THE JORDAN RICH SHOW, Nov. 19, at 1AM (10pm Pacific). Both shows are live.

More later. cheers

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