Friday, December 03, 2010

OZ on CD

Here is the cover to our upcoming release of THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ - by Ron Boyd! We recorded this production in November of 2000. We did the first five OZ books that year, and this was actually the last one to be recorded. We had recorded it in May of 1999, but I didn't like it (and the publisher didn't like it either), scrapped it, and did it over after we had completed the others.
Up till now, it has only been available on Audio Cassettes, or download; so we are excited to get it out at last on CD! JAN. 11th is the date!

I think I mentioned before, that we will be continuing the OZ series with book 6, THE EMERALD CITY OF OZ! Which we will be recording soon.

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Michele said...

Love the cover art!
Keep up the great work