Thursday, June 13, 2013

Quick update

SO crazy at CRT these days. We have BEACON HILL with eight,1 hour episodes in production thru Aug. 8th (and the final script in the works) - and 12 new POWDER RIVER Season 8 episodes starting production in about 2 weeks; while post work continues on POWDER RIVER Season 7, THE BLACK ARROW, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS and AGENT 13 AND THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE all in post production; and we are also about to continue recording more episodes of THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES, THE BURGLARS CLUB, a feature length comedy by Michael Druxman called HAIL ON THE CHIEF, also WAR OF THE ELEMENTALS, TOM SWIFT AND HIS MOTORCYCLE, and three new episodes of THE DIBBLE SHOW.
And that's all before Sept. 1st! 
Right now, we are going into a recording session for Episode 11 of BEACON HILL.

Also, the guys at Audio Theater Central did a podcast review of our production of THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER.  YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE

Keeping busy!

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