Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, I've had to keep this under wraps until everything was signed,
but I am very happy to announce that Colonial has teamed with producer
John Gertz to bring ZORRO to the world of audio drama! Mr. Gertz owns
the copyright to Zorro (which was aquired by his father in 1940 from
Zorro's actual creator,Johnston McCulley), and he was co-producer on
the recent motion pictures with Antonio Banderas. The book I am
dramatizing for audio is ZORRO AND THE PIRATRE RAIDERS, and let me tell
you - this is going to be one exciting story! I am finishing up the
script now, and I hope to start production in January for a Springtime
release. The show is being produced in episode form for radio, and will
be released as a 2 CD set for retail. We'll produce it on a grand scale!
I'll post more updates (casting, recording, editing) as the project
takes shape.

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