Tuesday, December 12, 2017


From Brilliance Audio - POWDER RIVER Season 10


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Powder River continues the stories of the citizens of Clearmont, Wyoming in the year 1884. In "The Summer Visit," Jacob returns to town after his second year in college, and seems a changed man, while Britt, Dawes, and Cheyenne are faced with the mystery of "The Phantom Train." "Incident At Dry Wells" finds Britt in a standoff with a killer who has left a trail of death behind him from Georgia to Wyoming, and the beautiful Nadya seems to have some of the men in Clearmont under her spell in "The Gypsy Curse." From the award-winning Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air, these and other adventures await you in Season 10 of Powder River.Episodes include:
"The Summer Visit"
"Incident At Dry Wells"
"Trouble At Coal Creek"
"The Phantom Train"
"The Gypsy Curse"
"The Photograph"
"When Henry M. Teller Came To Town"
"The Reflection In The Mirror Is Not Mine"
"Second-Hand Gold"
"The Oil Baron"
"Bill Of Sale"

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