Monday, December 11, 2017

Our Broadcast schedule for this month:

Ep. 10 - 04 POWDER RIVER - The Phantom Train
The train slowly steams into Clearmont - with no passengers or crew to be found. ...
Ep. 01 - 04: TICONDEROGA - Guns on Rattlesnake Hill Ticonderoga is in danger of annihilationw hen the French manage to get cannon to the top of Rattlesnake Hill. 

DEC 10
A brother and sister are transported into the magical, perilous world of their Christmas tree, and must reach the top where the Star Angel can restore them to normal size. A Magical Musical Holiday Adventure for the entire family. Two-hour special. BROADCAST PREMIERE. (Repeats Thur. Dec. 14, same time!)
DEC 17
BEACON HILL. Episode 10
Jocelyn travels to Philadelphia to find Marietta, while Charles is tasked with informing his mother of the upcoming British invasion - the arrival of his son, new daughter-in-law, grandchild and in-laws.

DEC 24
Ep. 01-10: JERRY AND THE PIRATES – Christmas Shopping
While Jerry does all his Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, the kids take it upon themselves to set up the Christmas tree.
Ep. 01-04: SGT. BILLY & CORP. SAM – Take The Low Country
Sgt. Billy and Corp. Sam avoid traveling over mountains said to be filled with outlaws, and come across a stranded covered wagon... and the lovely Colleen O'Hara Pasquale.

DEC 31
A Special New Years Eve presentation! On Christmas Eve, a traveler finds himself waiting out a snowstorm at the Holly Tree Inn. While passing the hours waiting for the weather to pass so his coach can continue its journey, the warm hearth of the inn brings his mind to roam to pass recollections, both happy and grave. However, the delay at the inn is about to bring him a miraculous discovery. BROADCAST PREMIERE

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