Monday, December 04, 2023


It's been (gulp) five years since I last posted here. In that time, Colonial Radio stopped recording. Out last taping was in 2019 for POWDER RIVER. Then COVID hit, and we never came back. By the time people felt comfortable to record in the same room together, so much time had passed and I had moved on to other things - mainly screenwriting. During the pandemic, I sold a screenplay to Lionsgate, and that changed everything. Also, I pulled up stakes and moved quite a distance away -- so gathering a cast to continue taping became impossible. Thus ended 25 years of constant writing, recording, production, for Colonial Radio Theatre. We clocked in with 178 episodes of POWDER RIVER, 58 (I think) episodes of TICONDEROGA, about 55 episodes of THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW, and togeter with everything else, about 700 productions in total. Our shows are still available on Amazon, iTunes, and many other download stores. Also, you can hear many of them free of charge (with commercials) on a new wwebsite for audio drama called DRAMAFY. Check it out!

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